First day into Tommy Damani’s Challenge

Publicado: 30/03/2010 en Tommy Damani's challenge

So this cut me off guard. Tommy Damani (body combat instructor extraordinaire who uploads videos on YouTube, also a filmmaker and a cool dude, from now on just ‘TD’) decided to lose 11 kilos in 6 weeks with a method proven for him and his clients, after he gain weight after a knee surgery. He vlogged something about it and I was like, OK I’m in!

It surprised me that it was such an easy diet to follow. OK, maybe just for me. The diet goes something like this: 3 meals a day, oats and cereal for breakfast, a WW sandwich of lean meat and veggies for lunch and a salad for dinner.

But wait, aren’t you expected to eat 6 meals a day? And follow a careful planned macronutrients ratio through the day? Is this TD’s thing heresy?? I thought about it and no, actually it’s a pretty good plan. For some.

The perfect candidates for this plan, as I see it, are the guys and girls who already got this nutrition thing (somewhat) learned. I wouldn’t put a couch potato who has breakfast, lunch, snacks and supper from Mc’Donalds/Wendy’s/Doggies/insert local fastfood brand/ on this. My usual menu was/is something like this:

BREAKFAST: coffee and 0% milk and oats, or coffee and a WW sandwich of ham, lettuce/spinach and mustard (lots of mustard!) Or coffee and a WW pita with 50 grams lean red meat and 30 grs cheese (yes, I measure and weight my food, I’m that kind of guy)

MIDDAY SNACK: Nothing, if I plan a yogurt and apple, I can’t get to eat it because of TMW (too much work)

LUNCH: A salad (the good kind, green veggies and vinaigrette with EVOO) and a cup of rice and some protein.

MIDDAY SNACK: a can of tuna, and a slice of WW bread.

DINNER: same as lunch.

So there. A pretty clean eating plan, right? On this diet, or lifestyle if you want, I was loosing weight like the devil. But, just as TD, life got in the way and I got an injury. For 1 and a half months I haven’t done any exercise. You know, scroll down this blog and you can get a glimpse of what a dog can do to ya. If you can read spanish. I just recently turned to english. Nobody reads this so…  Anyways…

This TD’s super fantastic challenge isn’t really a huge challenge for me (so far, on day one, LOL).  Assuming you already watched TD videos, the thing went like this today:

BREAKFAST: That’s a lot of oats and cereal for me. I’m the kind of guy who eats in the mornings because he has to. So no biggie here.

LUNCH: Really good! I though I had too much bread and guess what, I think I did got too much bread on that sandwich! Anyway, I left the top, ehm, “bun” out of my plate and later fed it to some street dogs. They were happy!

DINNER: It was horrible. I put too much pepper on it. I was chewing then coghing then drinking water and coughing… repeat 50 times. Finally I finished my chicken and throw away half the veggies. It’s not the diet fault, it was the pepper. I was full at the end of it anyway. I made a HUGE bowl of salad so even half of it was enough for me.

So there. In marvelous e-book “burn the fat, feed the muscle” from Tom Venuto I learned how to eat. Also learned that you had to take your macronutrients in six meals a day. And also, that in desperate times (like if you are a bodybuilder, before a competition) you need to take a more strict appr0ach to things, but it is something you only for a while. Then you return to normal diet, or lifestyle. Since I’m already eating healthy, the TD’s challenge sounds right to me. It’s the same things I already eat, but more stricted, for only 6 weeks. After that, I wont return to McDonalds because I have never been there. I see it as a pre-competition “diet”, even if I do not compite. I’ll follow the “diet” and the workouts, tomorrow I have a Body Combat class and the I’ll try to do TD’s #1 workout. If I fail to do it, who cares! I already did a combat class. Hope I do both, though.



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