First jog, a sucess!

Publicado: 30/03/2010 en cardio

Boy, this morning when I remember that I was suppose to get my first jog today I felt like procrastinate it. Through out the day I thought about a million excuses for not doing it. The AH1N1 vaccine shot I got a few days ago. The headacke I had. I smoke so I can’t run. You name it, I thought it.

But when I was finally home-alone, I though to myself  “now or never!” I put on my workout clothes, grab my Iphone and out I went. Outside my house I looked at the sky, saw the birds… last of procrastination here… started the tunes, took a deep breath and took a leap of faith. Before I knew it, I was running! Well, jogging.

The first ten minutes were OK, then I started to get tired. When I couldn’t keep the pace, I started walking for about, maybe 1 minute or 90 seconds. Then I speeded up the pace, back to jogging. After I hit the 15 minutes mark, I turned the other way i started to jog back home. I had another 90 seconds of walking too. 24 minutes into it, I slowed down to a fast walk, until I got home. Total time: 28 minutes!

OK, I know it’s not the best workout I could had. But I don’t care, because I actually did it! That’s enough to me to call it “my first jog”. It didn’t felt as bad as I though it would. But I didn’t got runner’s high either. But I got a deep feeling of accomplishment. So yay me!

Special thanks to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, without their tunes I probably could not keep my pace.

  1. Go you! It’s always hard to get over that inertia and convince yourself to put one foot in front of the other. But it’s always just the first day that’s the hardest. Keep it up and it’ll be second nature before you know it. 🙂

    • darnfitness dice:

      Thanks for your comment! Yeah, I’m still dealing with the soreness, and life – thats the hardest part, isn’t it – but I know after a while soreness doesn’t exist and everything that happens next it’s just progress (yeah, quote from LOST LOL)


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