Day 3, TD’s challenge

Publicado: 01/04/2010 en Tommy Damani's challenge

So, day three. I actually had the cereal breakfast at 10 AM, because the patients were falling on me like rain. Apparently, thats a good thing according to Tommy’s latest vid. Again, with coffee and Splenda. Now, I have always been the kind of guy who just skip breakfast. Until I forced myself to have breakfast on a daily basis, but still I dont get hungry in the morning so this part is easy. Lunch was yummy! I change the bread for it,  because my first pick was very calorie-suspicious to me, so today I used 2 slices of WW bread (240 kcal for both of them).

Dinner was good. It was little too much yogurt-flavored not because I used too much but because I think tomorrow that yogurt would started to smell funky XP But I eat my salad and feeling pretty full right now. I had shrinked my stomach a lot in the last year, and that is helping me with this thing.

In the workout area, I did it! I did Tommy’s 1° workout and I was drained afterwards! I still have sore legs and those jump squats got some tears out of me. I was sweating all around, it was good!



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