Ketchup post (as in catch up post)

Publicado: 02/04/2010 en cardio, Tommy Damani's challenge, whatever

Two days without posting! Well, day 4 was pretty uneventful in the diet department, but in the workout department it sure was! After about two months not being able to combat (first the dog bite, then that little event you might have heard on the news, the freaking chilean EARTHQUAKE that destroyed some parts of my gym, and half my country) I finally attend to a Body Combat class!!! I was a little nervous about not being able to keep up but guess what, I still got it, baby! I got all confused in the Muay Thay though, it was from an earlier release and I joined the fun at BC 40.

Today is a holiday so I got to sleep a lot but set the clock alarm to 10 AM just to eat my breakfast, I left the cereal and milk on the bed side table for a fast munch, then go back to sleep until 13 PM!!! Life is good, sometimes.I was so sore between TD´s n°1 workout and the combat class, it actually took me about 3 minutes to sit on the bed 😦

For lunch, I reduced the amount of avocado and even then I couldn’t  finish the whole sandwich (I think I go a little crazy with the veggies) so I saved 1/4 sandwich for later, if. So, around 5 PM I went out for some errands and then – ughhh- my freaking car just died, right in the middle of traffic. Remember that I could barely move from soreness, barely drive, and now the darn car dies on me? So after a few WTF-should-I-do-now seconds, scared that someone would crash his car on me or something, adrenaline kicked in and I got out and actually pushed the freacking car for two blocks until safety, while shouting all spanish curse words I now, some english ones and I think I even made up some curses in german. I had to call a tow truck to take the car to the mechanic’s, but then again it’s a holiday so he isn’t  working all weekend, so I had to take my car to my home. The tow truck costs me all the money I had on me at the moment, I was freaking out so after I got home I attacked that 1/4 leftover sandwich on a disgusting-stress-eating-carnival-of-doom.

After that, I just kept thinking how much this was going to cost me, so I decided to take the dog for a walk. It was a slow paced walk, lasted about 30-40 minutes but still I felt stressed and worried about fixing the car. As I was not feeling that sore anymore – go wonder how that happens- I decided to give it a go with the C25K program.

That stands for “From couch potato to 5K” program. Basically it’s an 8 weeks schedule were you jog and walk, progressively jogging more and walking less, until finally just run for 5 kilometers. Give it a look, click the link. Anyways, I figured that a run would do me good, but  it was 9 PM, so late to run…  then the warrior voice from inside my mind said to me “So what if its late! Lets do this shit! (but in spanish)”. So I downloaded an MP3 with the program, week 4 it was. Basically its good music and a dude speaks now and them “now run for 5 minutes”, “great, walk for 90 seconds”, “amazing, now run again for 3 minutes” and so on. It was a 26 minutes run/walk, it took the stress out of me and now I feel great, relaxed. The hot shower afterwards didn’t hurt either.

Just had my salad, now I’ll twit a little and call it a night. Night!



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