Publicado: 04/04/2010 en Tommy Damani's challenge, whatever

Hey! So let’s recap saturday on TD’s challenge, shall we?

Breakfast was suppouse to be cereal and maybe sugar or adding the banana. What I did last night: I poured 0% milk and a banana in the blender, push the button and like magic, I got banana milk goodness. I put that on the bed side table along with the 1 cup of cereal. At 8:30 AM I mixed them toghether and munched away. Yum!

At lunch, I add 30 grs of cheese to my sandwich. But dude… I found myself hating the avocado, hating the tomato, hating the chicken, hating Tommy and hating mayonneisse today. I did NOT enjoyed it. I hated it. Even with the cheese and mayo.

In the afternoon, I had to pay a visit to the in-laws. They are what YumYucky calls “sugar people”. Except they are “savory people”. I bet you now the kind. It’s the people who mistakes love with food. If they love you, they demostrate it giving you savory foods. And if you reject it, its like you’re rejecting their love. So you HAVE to eat it.

Luckly enough, I told my partner – I managed to print a very fool’s proof instruction booklet for this – to told the family that I’m on a diet, that I wouldn’t eat anything from them and please get over that. They actually behave. I had tea and coffee, no sugar on both hot drinks. They had sea food, and that is just yucky to me (never liked sea food).

At home, I had my salad and that’s it. Tomorrow, is go crazy day, yay! This is what I have planned:

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs with some cheese and a WW pita bread.

Lunch: Juicy meat and rice, white rice! And lettuce salad with vinager and EVOO.

Snack: Haven’t decided. Maybe just air?

Dinner: Pasta! With bolognese sauce and some parmesan cheese on top.

I couldn’t run today because I got a cramp in my left hamstring. It’s killing me. I walk like I just shitted my pants. I wanna go running tomorrow, I hope my leg heals for tomorrow. I also scheduled a body combat class for monday. And I’m working the nerve to post my “before pics” in a near future post. The End.



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