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Publicado: 06/04/2010 en whatever

I was on the drugstore today, right before lunch, and I saw one of those scales that also measure your fat %. Now, this scales are not very reliable, but still. I had go give it a try. The results:

Weight: 70.9 kilos

Height: 171 cms

Fat percentage: 20.7% 😦

Fat mass: 14.6 kilos

Non fat mass: 56.3 kilos

BMI: 24.2 kg/m2

Wait, stop right there!!!! Normal BMI should be betwwen 18.5 and 24.9. So this means… OMG!! I’m officially not overweight!!! Oh, joy of heavens!!!! Weeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

So, next goal. I need to get that fat percentage into the 19-something percent. I stayed on the diet today AND attend a combat class, it was intense! I feel like I’m in the right track =)



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