Still on the wagon

Publicado: 07/04/2010 en cardio, Tommy Damani's challenge

Boy, did I have a lot of slim compliments these last three days! What the hell is going on? I don’t think I have changed that much this last week, but with the dog bite and being at home a lot because of that, I guess there’s people who hadn’t see me in like a month.

This one lady who sells insurance hadn’t see me since january. When the compliments and flowers-throwing were over, she demanded that I must tell her how I did it (she’s overweight since I known her). I said the usual “eat less and exercise more”, but then I told her about the Tommy Damani’s diet and she took a lot of notes. The only food she didn’t like was onion =) So I’m also spreading the love around the world!

Had an amazing workout today. Body combat at its finest. Yesterday I went for a run too. So just now I was having my salad, and the peep next to me was having white rice and chicken. Rice! I was so tempted. I mean, I deserve it, right? Maybe just a spoon of it? To recharge my carbs? But I resisted the urge, for the same reason I never pass a red light, even if its 5 AM and I’m the only one in the streets. If I do it once, then probably I’ll do it again, next thing I know its two spoons, then half a cup “only after a workout”, and so on… Its a line I rather not cross.

Tomorrow is thursday, I think I’ll take another couple of pics. See you then.

  1. Gillian dice:

    Clearly, you are losing weight as you should be!! Ppl will notice it even if you dont! Good job on following the challenge! You’ll be at goal weight in no time!! (Now to find the chorey to this track that you’re on about!!) 😀 xx Gill


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