Cheater, cheater, turd eater!

Publicado: 09/04/2010 en nutrition, Tommy Damani's challenge

Oh, crap. It had to happen  sometime, right? 😦 Today was such a hard day at work, I mean people, could you please not get that much sick?! So many patients! And only half of them were actually sick… the other half was pure bureaucracy work. I felt so tired and sleepy when I got home, I ditched my scheduled run down the toilet. It was cold outside, I was tired, didn’t wanna do it… you know the drill.

Later I was preparing my salad for dinner and there it was, the devil himself calling me from a pot. My peeps were having white rice (good Lord, why I’m so weak around that stuff) and they had put some pork sausages on the rice to keep them warm. Their meal was already served, but the leftovers were there, calling “eat us, Reinaldo” (like that, but in spanish 😉 )

There was the white rice, dyed on red from the sausages… I had to have a spoon. A heaping tablespoon. Then another. And then, when my salad was finished, I had munched 5 whole tablespoon of rice. I felt dirty. Like there is some low-carb intention in Tommy’s diet at afternoon and I just broke that. And I missed the run. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

So I got online, and started this post as some form of punishment, you know, let them know I failed. But I sit here in front of my PC and think, well, I must be fuckin’ retarded!!!

I mean, did I munch on ice cream, nachos AND potato chips? No. Did I drank a cup of oil? No! Did I have the sausage? No, just the rice! If I should feel gilty about something, maybe it should be about eating a huge bag of cookies, or 3 hot-dogs, or eating out at the Evil Big M? And missing my run today? Well boo-hoo. Poor fat guy, now he’ll just have to manage to workout only 6 days a week. Yeah, I’ll go morbidly obese for eating 5 tablespoons of rice and working out *just* 6 days a week.

Seriously people, I can be such a dumbass… So I cheated. In a ridicously small amount. So what. Tomorrow is a new day, and guess what, it’s follow freaking friday!

  1. Tommy Damani dice:

    You only ate some rice bro you are doing better than me! T_T last night i had a roll with some ham in it i was so dam hungry. You deserve the best bro you are doing really well

  2. darnfitness dice:

    Thanks for your comment, Tommy! Yeah I know, I’ll be easier on my self but not that much LOL

  3. Joann dice:

    The proof is in those new photos! Those 5 spoonfuls of rice did not add to your waistline – you’re doing really great.

  4. tommy dice:

    oh i dunno about that.. i think there was 20 grams he could of lost if he didn’t mis-behave lol


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