Random thursday thoughts

Publicado: 16/04/2010 en cardio, Tommy Damani's challenge, whatever


I wanted to post about something tonight, but couldn’t grab a topic to write long enough so that it would seems like I’m not just twitting. So, random thoughts mode on.

– How come kids can be such idiots? There was this line of all the dudes from Body Combat at the gym’s showers yesterday, and this teens from the swim team were using all the 8 showers and chatting and talking and shampooing 4 times just to able to keep chating in the showers and we had to wait 10 whole minutes for them to get out. And in the dressing room they kept the chatting and talking and yelling and they gave me a headacke. Stupid kids. To make it worst… Hairy Balls was in the shower line. And he doesn’t like to wear a towel. Think that scene from “Austin Powers Goldmember” where Austin keeps looking at the mole from that guy’s face and saying MOLE MOLE MOLE!!! That, but sicker.

– I have a business trip on the weekend at the big city, and I’m using the oportunity to go to this running shoes’ store and have my foot look at. Hopefully they can sell me the right kind of shoes because I’m getting a little sore down there and if I want to keep on schedule and finish my training on time, I cannot miss a session for an injury. I downloaded the C25K app in my Iphone and my next run will be at the big city on saturday:)

– Totally loved my run tonight! I had to stop for a walk 3 times (it’s in the program) and even sprinted those last meters. It felt good and easy. The air was horrible tough, a lot of smog. A LOT.

– I need more sleep. Please Self, do something about that. And I’m getting this weird cough, too. Not good.

– As for Tommy Damani’s diet, still not liking the avocado. Starting to lose any interest on food. But I mean that in a good way.

– And I just downloaded a ton of tunes for my runs! I needed something that would unleash my inner warrior, that would take me to the extreme and free the testosterone-filled latin macho in me!!! So what did I download, you ask?? I’ll take a guess and hope you know what I mean just by saying “think 7 and 8”. “Between 39 an 42”. Those tunes are PUNCHY PUNCHY PUNCHY yay! Lots of BPM!

OK, random thoughts mode off. Peace.

  1. Gillian dice:

    Totally think 35 t7 is awesome track too! 😉

  2. […] to commit to it, you have to go there 3 times a week, you have to shower in the locker room and that can be a nightmare, plus it means there’s 3 more gym bags to prepare and 3 more loads of stinky clothing to wash […]


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