Weekend Recap

Publicado: 20/04/2010 en cardio, nutrition, Tommy Damani's challenge

Yes, I’m eating new running shoes! LOL This weekend I has a conference in the big city, and all of it was B-O-R-I-N-G.  Saturday was the hardest day on the diet ever. Conference was full of junk food. And you know what’s worst than junk food? FREE junk food! Baked goods, cookies, white bread with a plethora of fatty spreads, soda, you name it. And after I managed to get out of there there’s the Evil M every 200 mts along with KFC, Burger King, and lots more of local fast foods brands. It was hard, but somehow I managed. Kind of. Sort of.

After a long night travelling in a bus, I was ready to eat anything they would serve me. The road was extremely bumpy, with the earthquake and all, I felt al night like I was in the plane from LOST. So at saturday’s morning the guy from the bus gave me this modest sized white bread with margerine and the thinnest slice of ham in it, and a cup of coffee. I decided that, with enough imagination, it resembled a cup of oats and gulped the thing. Now mind this: if I didn’t ate that, I would try to find another source of breakfast on land. And I know what kind of places are open near the terminal. Trust me, they are worst. I calculated roughly 350 kcal for breakfast.

For lunch I ate a WW sandwich with chicken, palm hearts, lettuce, and a suspicious sauce. 330 kcal for the whole thing. And for dinner, a Burker King’s (wait for it) “Del Huerto Salad”. Just veggies, a very modest piece of roasted chicken breast and fake lemon juice. I skipped the oil. OK, there was cheese and crutouns in it too, but I had to remove most of them. Not because of the diet, but because the were really bad crutouns and cheese that basically tasted like crap.

The highlight of the trip was my visit to the running shoes store. I walked there in this nervious mindstate, kept thinking “they’ll know I’m not a runner, they’re gonna laugh at me”. The store was empty, because I went there fisrt thing in the morning. This guy came to me and asked what I wanted. I said, trying to look all-sporty spice: “Well, you know, I’m training for a 6K and I want some new running shoes”. I expected him to say “Oh, really? Because I just saw you gasping for air when you climb the stairs before entering my store”, but luckily he didn’t.

Instead he asked “Do you know if you are neutral, over-pronator…?” Akward silence. I was going to say “Dude, I’m not into that, but thanks anyway, I’ll take it as a compliment” but then I remembered I knew those terms from collegue! As I never tested my stride before, he had me try the white&yellow shoes from the pic and run a little for him. I did, and he said I’m neutral but my legs are a little odd, like a penguin. If I stand up and look at my feet, they mark 11 and 1 o’clock. Penguin like, you know.

He looked at my old shoes, the ones I was wearing and nodded his head. They look kinda like this:

..and he said they didn’t work for me. The shock absorbers are too big, and a person of my weight cant break them at the stride. So basically I was running with one of this:

So that’s were the knee and ankle pain was coming from! As you can see, my new running shoes are much more flat. I even wear them for a 3.6 kms run. It was a very special thing to run across the Palacio de la Moneda and the Entel Tower at the beats of BodyCombat 7-8 latest tracks!

Today is Monday and I must confess that I cheated. I eat a shit load of popcorn @ Clash of the Titans 3-D and trust me, it’s not worthy. Not the popcorn, the movie. It sucks ass. I know the trailer looks good but just dont go watch it. Or at least go watching on 2-D, I think that might be even better than the 3-D. Or wait for the DVD.

Anyways… c ya!

  1. tommy dice:

    well u cant watch a movie with out popcorn right?


    shame on you

  2. Gillian dice:

    LMAO I can’t even comment properly right now……! I’m laughing too hard…!!


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