Tomorrow’s double feature

Publicado: 24/04/2010 en cardio, whatever

At the travel from work and home I started to think if I’m a runner or a jogger. What’s the difference? Stay with me a little bit.

I stayed on plan on the diet, and even had a BodyCombat class! Weird fact: since I started running, I find myself not so much out of breath at Combat. So cross-training does work, I guess.

Anyway, after the class my instructor mumbled something about “tomorrow” and “release” (but in spanish *wink) . I asking him to repeat the info to me. Apparently, and out of nowhere, tomorrow is Body Combat 43 release! Who knew and didn’t tell me! Anyway, I hit the showers and there were the swimming teens talking and talking and talking… so I got a brand new nickname for them: THE CUCKOOS. I had to spent 10 minutes watching the cuckoos shampooing and shampooing and hearing them screaming and talking about laps and school and more shampooing… Come on kids! It’s just chlorine you are washing off, not paint! Thanksfully HB wasn’t there today…

So I want to go to the release tomorrow at 4 PM. But, oh evil Faith, tomorrow I also have a training for my 6K run. It’s my second 4K run. So I guess I’ll have to do both workouts in the same day, hence the “double feature” title. The problem is, I just got my first runner’s blister! I think I should be proud of it, I mean I know its the first injury or wound I got from running and many more will come. I had read about black toe nails, shins splits, etc. Its like my first warrior scar.

So a wound is something to feel proud of. According to my book. It means I’m actually doing it, right?  But what am I doing, actually? Running or jogging? If I have to guess, it depends on the eye of the beholder. When I go outside for a workout, there’s this guy who is a runner at my rute, because he RUNS. I mean fast running. He’s fast, he keeps his cool, and make it look easy. To me, he’s a runner and I’m a jogger. But there’s also the Young Girl (YG) in my rute too. She doesn’t run, she just happen to walk by everyday at the same place, maybe coming home from work. And she sees me jogging at my rute. So, for her, I guess I’m a runner, even if I dont really run, right? Does this makes any sense?

So, rappin’ this non-sense mumbling up: I’ll think to myself as runner after the race, and only if I keep doing it AFTER the race. I believe a 10K is very sexy number. I might try that. And tomorrow I’ll do two workouts for the very first time.

I must take a minute and say thanks to all the people from a certain chilean forum. You know who you are. I posted something there last night and now (at night) I was amazed at the number of visitors on this blog. I feel your support. Thanks for that. You are, in more than a couple of ways, my community. Hugs!

  1. Yum Yucky dice:

    Sounds like a great double feature to me! I am a jogger.. no wait! A runner. I am a runner like you! 🙂

  2. darnfitness dice:

    OMG now yum yucky? Next thing I know Brangelina will come to visit!!!


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