Warning: a TMI post

Publicado: 27/04/2010 en whatever

Well, weekend was good in the workout department. I didn’t made it to the double feature workouts I planned, but assisted to the Body Combat release and ran 4K in sunday. If running is fun to you, you should try it with a hangover! Triple the fun!

Today I did Combat again and stay on the wagon with the diet challenge. Then something happen (TMI starting….. now). I was  in the locker room butt naked and got a glimpse of my butt. 29 years of weight changes really did a bad job to that skin. It’s stretch marks galore back/down there. Don’t worry I wont post a pic LOL I thought that maybe I should just tattoo the all thing to cover the stretchmarks, but that probably would make the issue even more obvious. But what if a do a zebra pattern?

Nah, I dont think I’ll do that. It would be a great conversation starter though. To break the ice.

Anyways, I have a zebra ass and it seems it will remain that way. There’s nothing to do about that. Oh well.

  1. tommy damani dice:

    please keep your clothes on when i come to visit you lol

  2. Yum Yucky dice:

    Eh, don’t worry about. Zebra ass never goes out of style.


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