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Publicado: 28/04/2010 en Tommy Damani's challenge, whatever

My right knee has been in pain this last week. Figured it was my patella being pulled in a different way by my quads now that they are trained in another way.The pain starts at the beggining of my runs and I end up limping after it. The next day I’m OK, except for some moments during the day when the pain shows up for minute and then goes away.

So this colleague of mine looked at it today. He thinks I might have tendinitis of the hamstrings. I have never been able to touch my toes because of my stiffed hamstrings, and now I’m paying for my lack of flexibility. So I need to stretch, put ice packs on it and of course, keep training! Well, the last part I added.

Pics of wednesday, week 5, compared with the week 3 pics:

I see progress!!! Do you?

  1. Hey you’re getting there! Keep it up!

    My fiance has knee pain when he runs; I started him on Glucosomine/Chondroiten – a supplement commonly used by runners (and people with arthritis) to help with cartilage renewal. His podiatrist also said he’s a bit flat-footed and may give him some orthodics to help correct how his foot hits the ground, which will help get him back in balance. The supplement can take a month or two to really kick in but it seems to be helping already.

    Be careful if you’re really experiencing pain while running – it’s not something you should just push through.

    • darnfitness dice:

      Thanks on your comment- I take your advise and as a physical therapist I should take that advice x1000, if it hurts, give it rest! But before I started to run, I did a little research. This pains were expected. They just were suppouse to last 2 weeks, not 3! The pain is going down, anyway. It’s like the muscles sore, but in the joints. You expect that from a high impact exercise. I’m doing better now!


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