Just ran my first 5K!

Publicado: 30/04/2010 en cardio

Whoa! I couldn’t run for 10 minutes without stopping when I started this.  Well I still stop for a few seconds for the traffic (dont want to end up under a car, that wouldn’t be healthy) in 6 parts of my rute, but still. The bad news: authorities in my town said do not exercise after 7 PM because the smog is too bad, and that’s precisely the time  I get out.

I bought a knee pad yesterday and I’m happy to say that I didnt feel pain during the run. A little acke after, for a few minutes, but thats it.

So, it took me 33 min 26 sec to ran the 5K. Iknow its a crappy time but I still have 3 weeks to reach for the 6K and get faster. In case you missed it, here is the link to the runkeeper’s stats of my run.



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