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We all have had a bad boss at work. If you haven’t, you will eventually. This type of guys make bad decisions, are constantly criticized by everyone under them but always have the thumbs up from the bigger bosses, because he’s probably married to one big cheese’s daughter or he is the son of one of them.

Well, the Body Combat boss from Les Mills must be one of those guys. Because the problems I see with the Combat doesn’t happen in any of the others programmes from LM. When one of their instructors became just a little bit to popular on the net, the obvious course of action – for them – is to stop it from happening. Sometimes they ask the instructor to take off videos from YouTube. Other times, they skip the asking and threaten YouTube first, wich is very inappropiate. And every once in a while they call a instructor to threaten him with legal actions because they blog the tracklist from a soon to come release.

Legal actions! Based on what? Legal copyright infrigment? For posting the name of a song? For posting a track class with the music? I mean, if the record companies doesn’t have a problem with it, youtube doesn’t have a problem either, why all the whinning?

You could say that instructors need to pay for every release, so the choreys should be “secret”. To make their money worth. Like someone will do a combat workout from the youtube vid. OK, some people might, only to find that the itching to try a combat class in person grows everyday. And all of us that had been on a class know that the group and the instructors make the difference and it cannot be compared with a little 360p vid.

Or you could say that instructors that give away the song tracks before the release “somewhere in the world” kill the surprise. If that the case, then do a worlwide release date LM, we who had to wait 4 months for the release to get here are going to find out. Were going to google it.

You know, you are not the secret service, nor you are the masons, Les Mills. You dont hold any substantial secrets. And you really dont need to bully your own people. It looks awful to us, the paying costumers. Dont get me wrong, the programme is great and has a big role in my life. That important. But I picture the suits from the Combat deparment, making all this decisions, threatening their own instructors… that’s not right. Doesn’t feel right. This was suppouse to be fun all the way, but in the latest months it haven’t.

There’s not going to be a horde of illegal instructors doing the choreys for free. They already exist, calling it “aerobox” or something. From years now. LM might have invented the choreographed shadowboxing, but I don’t see anyone crying because LM took spinning, add a regular music at it and called it a copyright RPM.

And I’m not talking pirate instructors. They share info for fun. They believe in and love the program. Some instructors or attendees may actually agree with LM way of actions.  Later, it happens to themselves, and say”what? but I’m the good guy here!” I believe nobody who got this reprimends did the sharing for evilness. They just wanted to share their passion with the world.

I know the first time I did a Combat class it was to much for me. I was dead on track 5. Ready to just walk out the door. After the Muay Thay, I was ready to die. I didn’t get any of the moves… awful. Too hard. Actually, I didnt get back for a whole year. I remember that some day I got online and watched a Tommy Damani’s video. I said “I’ll give it another go”. It went better at class. I watched the videos everynight for like a week. The fisrt chorey I got right was “Tutti Frutti” at class. Then the whole thing clicked in my brain. “OOOhhhh so you do this 4 times, then this other thing 4 times, and then the first thing plus the second thing, 4 times!!!!!”

We are not talking about piracy here. Not about corporate espionage either. We are talking about a bunch of different people doing a tremendous work at giving a programme amazing free advertising and helping a growing community. Only to get calls from lawyers. From the guys that were suppouse to be on the same side. And even worst, when I, a (in capital letters) PAYING costumer write them about it complaining, I dont get a response. Not even an “We have got your e-mail and will fastforward to the BodyCombat department, or to the janitor of that department”. And I know I’m not the only one who had wrote them. Not even one got an answer. And may I add, you can find videos on YouTube from the latest release of BodyPump and track lists too, and also from every other LM programme, except this one. Yes, I checked.

It’s just a group class people, why do you need to get laywers involved?

/end rant

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  2. Gillian dice:

    Great post, Reinaldo! Good on yer for speaking your mind (although I don’t expect anything less from you Mr Avo-basher!!) This whole issue is wrong and unfair on so many levels. Especially since it’s ruined TD’s partnership status with youtube >.<

    • darnfitness dice:

      I’m so sorry to hear about that youtube thing and Tommy. He really needed it. Now I guess I have to buy the t-shirt! I’ll wear it with proud. Not to many comments on this page, but I think we are getting closer to the name of who is being a jackass at the LM deparment. And surprisingly, I might think it’s not and evil dude…. it’s and evil SHE.

    • nzglen dice:

      It’s done what?! Oh man that sucks… you’ll notice that meanwhile Les Mills is actually promoting vids of people doing BODYJAM at Filex. Just crazy how BC is monitored like that. I mean who is it hurting?

  3. agostina dice:

    leyendo tu post no puedo evitar pensar que todo este asunto es solamente una cuestion de ego. realmente hay problemas mas importantes en relacion al copyright que compartir un sencillo tracklist, es decir…cualquiera que tenga ganas, instructor o no, puede hoy en dia conseguir las musicas de los programas sin comprometer a ningun instructor. los mixes enteros se consiguen en toda clase de sitios, y yo no veo que les mills le haga juicio a o a thepiratebay…a todos los que somos instructores del sistema nos genera mucha frustracion que cualquiera pueda conseguir la musica, las coreografias, darlas a sus alumnos en un acto de total irresponsabilidad y desprestigiar a les mills y a nuestro trabajo. me parece que les mills tiene cosas mucho mas importantes que hacer, y bien haria en hacerlas.
    y como vos decis, meterse con los blogs que solo hacen publicidad gratuita es ponerse a la gente en contra. te felicito por el post, esperemos que las cosas cambien

  4. Gillian dice:

    Ok Rein, you’re gonna have to translate Agostina’s comment o.O LOL

  5. agostina dice:

    I’m sorry guys! Bottomline: I guess LesMills should be attacking piracy, wich is a serious issue, instead of attacking bloggers who just promote our beloved programmes for free! Everybody knows that nowadays it’s ridiculously easy to download both music and chorey. So, as an instructor, I reckon there’s a lot to be done. I’m against piracy, but I don’t see the connection about blogging tracklists and corrupting the system.
    Cheers to all, and sorry about the Spanish!

  6. Isi dice:

    Agos, I agree in most of your points, but I don’t think it’s a problem we attendants having the videos or the music. I never taught a class… But because of that DVD and songs, I became a fanatic of several LM programs; I ask my gym to schedule more classes and more programs, I share my passion with my classmates, and I don’t harm the trademark, neither the company doing that. In spite of that, I travelled to NZ just to meet the presenters in person, I bought LM brand clothes, I wear them every time I go to the gym… for free. To be continued… in FB Agos


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