Back to the weight room

Publicado: 05/05/2010 en nutrition, Tommy Damani's challenge

As I finished this crazy low calorie challenge, it’s time to start planning for the future and make sure I don’t bounce back in fat weight. So the first thing that needs to come back is my weight training. It has been around mmmh… like 3-4 months since my last session. When I started the diet, and the 6K training, I decided that this last weeks will be all about cardio and mind the weights later. Well, now it’s that time.

I’m gonna stick to the basics for starters. Just compound exercises such as squats, press, bench press, and the like. No more than 45 min for the whole thing, intense with short rest periods, three times a week; and hopefully all the new calories will go to recover my lost muscle (I’m a firm believer in muscle memory). Back when I was 29% body fat, there was a lot of flab but there was  a lot more muscle than today, so I’ll try to gain that back keeping the BF low. After every short workout I’ll run 4-5K to keep the engines going (20-30 min cardio). On top of that, 3 body combat classes per week wich I can’t stop doing, because I’m hooked AND it’s a social event for me too. This sounds like a good plan.

So after this sunday I’ll start to separate slowly from the diet. I’ll keep the breakfast and lunch the same, and add some carbs at dinner (I exercise after 7 PM so it will be my post-workout meal) and some other different kind of protein because, dude, no more chicken please! I think I might keep the breakfast for good, I kinda like it because its fast to make and I can either drink it, spoon it or both. Oats are good.

So now I’ll go and start studying my weight training book. I’ll tell you all about it in a next to come post.



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