Not the fat kid

Publicado: 11/05/2010 en cardio, nutrition

I have read a lot of posts in other blogs during this past year, and one thing that repeats a lot is the “fat kid” mention. Like he/she is some sort of ogre living inside of us, and somehow releases him/herself out to the world and make people binge on food and drinks. This process is refered as “I let the fat kid out”. Tommy mentions this creature in his latest vlog.

It got me thinking, because this fat kid doesn’t ring a bell to me at all. I don’t think I have one in me. Through the last months, one thing that has changed in my body is a serious shrinkage of my stomach and I can’t really eat too much in one sitting without feeling sick afterwards, and really really sick if its a junk food binge. But MY binge might be different to YOUR binge.

Let’s take this last sunday for an example. I took Mom to lunch at this very good sea food restaurant. I had this sopaipilla for an entree. This is like bread dough, but deep-fried (ups!). I had a piece sized about a deck of cards. Then I binged in 2 portions of grilled salmon (2 decks of cards), and a veggie salad with about 1 Tbsp oil. Pretty healthy, but it was a binge because I was satisfied with half of what I ate but just kept on eating. Some days the binge could be 2 cups of white rice or pasta… but it all is like real food for my binges.

Maybe this is because there’s always a plate of home-made food waiting for me at home, so there’s no need to eat out. Or maybe its because I don’t find junk food really tasty. A Big Mac tastes awful here on Chile LOL The bread tastes like milk and become this gooey mess with the mayo/mustard/ketchup. Hate the sweet pickle in there. The meat is nothing to rave about (more like bleh), the lettuce has no salt or dressing whatsoever and what the heck is that yellow glue!!! No Sir, I have seen cheese and that’s no cheese! Now, french fries are a totally different story… nom nom nom…

Or maybe its because the first tooth I lost as a child was probably my sweet tooth. It got replaced with a huge, healthy savory tooth though…

So, if I eat right and when I binge is on homemade, not to fatty meals, how come I did got a 28% body fat one year ago? Well, I think beer as to do something with it, and this 1-cup-rice-is-my-portion is a very new thing. But the real deal is this: I don’t have a fat kid to let out, ITS A LAZY KID. And he loooooooves the couch and the bed and the TV. Looooooves TV. And hates the gym.

This lazy kid has f***ed my fitness streaks two times now. The first time was when I finished high school and had been going regularly to the gym (weights) for three years. Three years! When I started collegue, HE appeared. One afternoon he said “we are tired today, lets skip one day”. That day became one week, “just one week” he said. Before I knew it, I finished collegue and was round as a ball – yucks!

So I put the lazy kid back in his cage and hit the weights again. Some how I managed to weight 72 kilos with a body fat percentage of 11,8. I had a 4-pack. Just a little more and I could be there, in 6-pack heaven. Then guess who pick the cage locke! “Come on, you are working now, lets take one day off” Three years later, I was 28% body fat, and 85 kilos (or even 90? at some point there I avoided the scale like it was the devil).

About a year ago I started the weight lifting again, and body combat about 9 months ago. And just recently I throw in a wicked avocado-crazy-eating-plan and this weird new activity where you run but nobody is chasing you and you’re not getting anywhere because you finish right where you started. And today, guess who knocked at my door!!!!!!!!!! Yes, HIM!!!!! AGAIN!!! FUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!

I was just so tired, I parked my car at home and just thought “what if you skip this combat class today? I’m tired and….” and there I stopped. I knew it was him! And he was winning over me! I knew there is one thing, and just one thing that would make the Lazy Kid run away, scared and crying. So I rushed to my computer, turned it on as fast as I could. The time was too short, Lazy kid was winning over and only had a few seconds left to do something about it! I opened Firefox – 9,8,7…- opened Google – 6,5,4..- did an image search – 3-2-1…- THERE! Just in time, I opened this pic. Phhewww!!! The Lazy Kid saw the pic, started crying and ran away. And trust me, it takes a really big scare to make Lazy Kid to run!

Anyways, my combat class tonight was grrrreat!!!!!

  1. Yum Yucky dice:

    Way to kick that lazy kid’s azz! (but I really gotta stop gorging as restaurants)

    • darnfitness dice:

      I realized at some point in my life that gorging in restaurants it’s not worth it. First, you just fill with bread and butter, and your meal is not even close to get to your table. If you order french fries, they’ll be either kinda raw or some sort of oily sponge. Any food you order in hunger, after the butter and bread it will NOT be the way you dream about it. Unless you know a good restaurant, wich I don’t. OK, I know a few, but are too expensive and I’m so so cheap I dont go there anymore.

  2. […] the progress pics, may I say I was *THIS* close to skip weight lifting today. Yeah, LazyKid was on my back, big time. Luckly I managed to shake him off! It was a great workout. I had this big […]


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