I freaking did it!

Publicado: 14/05/2010 en cardio

Yes people, I run my first 6k!! And best of all, it felt easy! OMG I finished with great posture because man I finished with my chest up on proud! You can check my stats here.

My average pace was 6:50 minutes per kilometer. Yes, very slow, but I wasn’t aiming for speed, just to finish it and make it an enjoyful experience. And it was. Just to remember 1 1/2 months ago, I could only jog for 10 minutes without passing out. And I mean JOG.

I was looking at my first run with the RunKeeper app, and then I just ran 3,5K at a pace of 8:47 minutes per kilometer. Now it’s down to 6:50 – that’s a big change. My stamina is better, my BodyCombat is better, my confidence is better. On saturday I’m running the actual rute of the race, let’s hope I can get a little bit faster that time. I already signed for the race, so I guess there’s not turning back.  There’s still the Lazy Kid whispering inside my head “You did it! Yet, you’re going to finish last, fatty…” But I don’t care. Well, that’s a lie. I would care if I finish last but, I can’t do nothing to change the fitness of the other guys at the race, so let’s hope I run an intelligent race and some other stupid guy burns off in the first half and I can pass him later.

The smog was…OMG. Things are really getting smokey at my city. Even worst, part of my run training rute is right next to a slaughterhouse so first you start to smell smoke, then BBQ, then burnt bones… Anyways, the actual run is May 23!!! Just 1 week and a half left! I hope I get tons of pics to share with you guys.

Oh! I just got on the website of the run  and I found a vid of the rute. They basically put a camcorder on top of a car and filmed the rute I’m suppose to do on race day. The youtube vid is here, in case you wanna see it. At some point it says “6K’s turn around here” and there I’ll turn 180° and backtrack about 5 blocks for my finish line. Oh, and you also can get a look of what my South-American (not capitol) city looks like at the vid. And how it looks now after the earthquake. Mmmmhhh Will there be a lot of flyes? How the houses looks like in southern Chile? The roads are made of asphalt or plain dirt? Will you get to see latino women carrying huge buckets of water from the river to their house?



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