Before & After Pics

Publicado: 18/05/2010 en Tommy Damani's challenge

So, Tommy Damani’s challenge is now officially over. Yay! So I snap some post pics for you to see. Still no 2-pack visible, and the pics may not show my weight loss I think, but this I can say: my 44 size jeans were really tight at the beggining of this, and now I can easily put a fist between my belly and the jeans 🙂

And just to prove I didn’t cheat, here is a pic of my really trying to hide the belly…

And the space that now exists between my humanity and my jeans…

And so, the journey keeps on going. Its a never ending journey anyway! Even when you get there, you still have to maintain it!

  1. tommy damani dice:

    hohoho GRATS!!!! is this a 1 million dollar diet or what? huhu


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