Publicado: 23/05/2010 en cardio

WOW, today was intense! Finally the race day came. And may I say I did good.

Yesterday went to pick up my shirt and number, wich was 552. It was a loooong wating line and I felt so out of place there. To start, everyone was taller than me 😦 They were all skinny and healthy-looking. Yeah, I know, the bastards! And probably I was the only smoker there.

After a good night of sleep… I was at the start of the race at 8:45 AM. The cold was almost unbearable, I couldn’t feel my fingers! And I, stupidly, went with nothing but the t-shirt.

People that were smarter than me had coffe and parkas and stuff…

The 6K started exactly at 10:00 AM. I started slowly, just to keep my cool. I passed a few people, but was really behind in the line at the start. Anyway, the run felt great! I wasn’t passed by anyone, but I passed a lot of people. I finished in 41 minutes 25 seconds. One hour after the start of the race, there was still people finishing, so I did OK!!!!

So, this goal has been achieved. I have no longer a reason to actually go out and run. I could stop right now and call it an experience. Yet, I spend money on the running shoes… and  I COULD train for a 10K… just saying…

  1. Gillian dice:

    OMG you’re soooooooo skinny in these pics!! WTG Rein, completed the race in a good time despite the rain and cold, no coffee and as a smoker no less! Mama Gill is very proud of you!! =D

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  4. Are you serious? I think it doesn\’t make any sense. google it yourself


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