6 weeks challenge, take 2

Publicado: 08/06/2010 en Tommy Damani's challenge

So yeah, I have decided to give it another go to the Tommy Damani’s 6 week challenge. And this time, I actually have a goal to met. Last time, the main goal was just to finish it, but now my goal is to drop body fat to 15%.

If you just happen to end up here and don’t know anything about the challenge, here it is:

– From Monday to Friday, your breakfast is 1 cup oats or other WW cereal with fat free milk. For lunch, a WW sandwich of veggies, avocado, chicken and ham. For dinner, a chicken salad with no oil.

– Saturday is the same, except you add a little bit more calories. A banana on breakfast, some cheese in the sandwich, and some low fat salad dressing at dinner.

– On Glorious Sunday, you can have anything you want. Basically is the cheat day.

OK, that’s the short version of it. You can watch the videos explaining everything in detail in Tommy’s YouTube channel.  And check the forums of the challenge too.

Last time I checked, I was a 19,3% body fat and weighted about 69 kilos. That was about 2-3 weeks ago, I think. But I believe I have continued to lose some weight. Now, what I really want is to get this nutritionist I work with to evaluate my BF%, but I think she doesn’t have a caliper right now. I’ll ask her again tomorrow. If she can’t do it, I’ll have to rely on those glitchy machines from the drugstores and pics.



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