I had sinned

Publicado: 14/06/2010 en Sin categoría

OK, I had a pic of Adam and Eve for this but wordpress is being an a$$hole again so, no pic.

I had sinned. On Friday there was this big thing at my health care center. Somehow we get public transport to make a new rute, so more people can get over here and get treated. It had to to be celebrates with food.. the worst kind… the free kind. The cocktail. The hourd’vres or what-ever you spell that. And the “Oh, fuck” thoughts I had while munching on those goods. That was friday. Later on, I had the best Body Combat class, ever. For the first time, I managed to get brave and place myself right next to the instructor. It was good and fun! And being so close… you can’t do things slow. You got to burst in combat flames. And I did.

Saturday… was bad. I cheated on the diet, with popcorn. At least it was not sweetened popcorn. It was salty popcorn. Yes, it had a taste like butter but you know, it probably was butter flavor powder in there. So much sodioum, thought}!

Today was Glorious Sunday. I ate pretty well. Just whole foods, but a lot of them. Oh well. I somewhat did the TD’s challengue. Lets hope I do better next week.



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