I feel a void inside

Publicado: 18/06/2010 en Sin categoría

So I’m dieting, and seeing results may I add. Yes, I know, *pics or it didn’t happen* ¬¬   maybe this weekend. And I haven’t missed the Combat workouts. For example, last Combat class I did a few mistakes (or more than a few) at the chorey because I was too busy laughing at the new guys’ moves. The way they punch and kick LOL so funny… What? Don’t you dare giving me that look, you do it too! You can deny it if you must, but you do it too!

Anyways, so if I’m behaving at diet and exercise, it should be all good, right? Nope. As I keep losing fat, I can actually feel the muscle loss.

And God, I know what I’m suppouse to do. I have the background. I have the books. I have the knowledge. But where the hell is my will?? Did it got scared by the vuvuzelas’ BBBZZZZZZZZZZ and ran away? I just can’t seem to be able to get my fat skinny zebra ass into the weight room. What’s wrong with me? I used to love the stuff.

Then again, the answer lies in my addictive personality. I’m a programme whore, you know. I need a 12-weeks-programme to get it done. For a while I thought about Body Pump. If I rave at Combat, I should like Pump, right? But then… I don’t think I would like it. I had weighted the pump weights in my hands. They’re like filled with water, not iron. And there’s something in the weight room that’s like testosterone filled, armpit sweated, hardcore vibe that I enjoy. I don’t think I’ll trade that for techno music. And they probably wont like me spitting at the floor and scratching my ballz at pump. Also, it’s schedule incompatible. There’s no way I can get to pump class after work =(

So weight room it is. Last night, I started mi PC and dived into the 700 MB folder filled with pdf fitness files that I have downloaded from megaupload purchased. I choose one. I have to re-read it, then I’ll let you know. The thing is, is totally uncompatible with Tommy Damani’s challenge in the diet part. So I need to choose. Oh crap. Do I keep doing the challenge, or do I move on into the next programme? Right now, that I’m so close to see abs that I can actually touch them? AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

So, while I decide what to do, I give a pic that will help you sleep at night. Enjoy it and share it with your children.



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