Weekend highlights

Publicado: 21/06/2010 en Sin categoría

This weekend was like yin and yang. Super Healthy Saturday and Glorious Pig Sunday =) I started Saturday breaking the Tommy Damani’s challenge for one day. For breakfast/lunch (I don’t think you can call it brunch just because you wake up at 1 PM) I had Pastel de papas wich is a casserole with spiced ground meat and onion, then a layer of hard boiled eggs, mashed potates and cheese on top. Yum. Notice the word spiced highlighted… it will come back later, literally.

So, why break the diet? Because it was not ordinary workout day. This is why:

Basically my local YMCA organized a Body Combat marathon: 2 and a half hours of combatting o.O What a great idea! The thing went out something like this: the first hour or so was just like a class, I mean we started at track1, then track 2, and so on up to the Muay Thai. It was hellish. Remember the spiced lunch? Oh boy, try to combat with your lunch trying to get out of yourself! The fisrt and a half hour I couldn’t give my 100% because of it. After that, it went smooth.

Now, after the first hour things got really hard. Track 7, another track 7, then a 5, then 7, then 8, then five, then two more Muay Thai’s…….crazy shit, endeed. Only half of the attendees finished, me included =) I didn’t take my camera or my phone because I didn’t wanted to stop just to take pics, I hope I can get my hands on some pics other people shooted and post’em later. It was amazing! At dinner time, I munched on some oven fish sticks, oven french fries and some peas. Good stuff.

Today was a different story, though. Breakfast/lunch was meat stew with white rice. Then back to bed (come on, it’s winter here, raining all the time, cloudy skies, DON’T JUDGE ME!!!) and watched Iron Man, then The Mummy 3. After that, I made 2 scrumbled eggs with a piece of WW bread. Then it was bed TV watching time again. Then, I ate a chocolate brownie, 2 chocolate cookies, then broiled chicken with pasta ( I made the tomato sauce from scratch!) with some parmesan… and later 4 squares of bitter dark 71% cocoa chocolate. Yeah. Exercise was getting in and out of bed LOL. But I think it was a good cheating&rest day. Tomorrow? It’s monday. We get back to plan. Breakfast and lunch are packed. Combat at 7:30. Still not decided on weight lifting strategy. Time is running short. In 2 months, I’ll turn 30. OMFG. Yeah, OMFG to that. I wonder were I’ll be when I’m 31!



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