Why I’ll lift weights

Publicado: 23/06/2010 en weights

I have been giving a lot of thoughts to this matter. I feel good in my body now, don’t really need a muscular frame. So, is there really need to lift weights again? I mean, it just take a lot of work and time, your body aches, you walk funny because of the soreness… And you have to commit to it, you have to go there 3 times a week, you have to shower in the locker room and that can be a nightmare, plus it means there’s 3 more gym bags to prepare and 3 more loads of stinky clothing to wash a week.

For a moment there I was tempted to just stick with Body Combat, throw some running in there and call it a lifestyle. If I don’t feel the need of growing muscles, why bother? Yet, somehow I still feel like I’m suppose to do it.

Well, if I wake up one day and suddenly become muscular, I won’t return that. Like Spiderman. But if I’m going to commit (again) to a weight training programme I really really don’t want to have aesthetics for a goal.  Big muscles take a lot of time to develop and I don’t want to get frustated with the waiting.

So I did a quick google search and bam! I remembered why I was suppose to lift weights. So here are my top ten reasons to actually attend to the weight room:

1. I just found out that after a man turns 30, he loses 3-5% of muscle mass per decade. And I’m about to turn 30 in less than 40 days. My body will start to age… unless I do something. Weight training will keep me in my late 20’s foreva.

2. It will energize me. Colors are shinier and brighter after a good session in the weight room. Or after meth. Whatever. Endorphines, enough said.

3. It keeps my bones stronger, bigger (yes, they grow, in thickness) and osteoporosis free. And if I fall off the stairs (or if someone push me off the stairs <.<   >.>) I’ll have a better chance of not breaking any bones.

4. Being stronger does help in everyday activities. Makes easier carrying the bags from the grocery store, rearrange furniture, or pulling out dead bodies absolutly normal rolled carpets from the trunk.

5. It makes my lower back stronger. Now, I did felt this when training squats and deadlifts. And even after 2-3 months of not doing those exercises, I still can feel it.

6. It has a lot of cardiovascular benefits I couldn’t care less about. Ask me again in a decade, I might start to get scared when I’m 40.

7. It improves my posture, and boy do I need help in that deparment. Sometimes I think I should move to Notre Dame and work at the bell tower.

8. It makes testosterone go up, and every year after my 20th birthday makes testosterone go down. I mean, who wants a slow death? If I dont workout I better just cut my balls off and be done with it.

9. Muscles, tendons and ligaments gain flexibility. And flexibility is a very handy thing to have when you finally piss off one of your archenemies and he runs you down with his car <.<  >.> I DIDN’T TOUCHED YOUR SISTER DUDE, I SWEAR

10. Because you said I couldn’t.



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