It was Spain fault

Publicado: 26/06/2010 en Sin categoría

Soooo… I started so good today. I ate my oatmeal and 0% fat milk for breakfast. Yet, I knew it was going to be rough today.

You’ll see, today was Chile vs. Spain soccer match at the Southafrica World Cup. And let me tell you, we are serious bisness about it here.  The whole country just stopped. At 2:30 PM nobody worked, no services were available. We all watched the game. So mix a country fevered with the match + the match being around lunch hour…. you  get a nutritinal mess.

The thing went like this: before the match, we started with choripanes. It’s like a hot dog, but with a real fattening pork sausage, with bits of meat and fat and stuff. I had two :$ Then came the steaks. And boiled potatoes, and the salads with oil-based vinagrette, and in such a huge portions!! Have you heared about the “deck of cards” portion of meat? Well, I had three portions the size on my forearm. Three. And then, there was soda, the sugary kind.

After I was a lot past fullness in my belly, the match started. Then we were full of yellow cards. Then Spain got a goal. Then another. FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU…..

Half time. We were losing 0-2. The half time was a mess. I had never seen so many medical white robs, stethoscopes and so much cursing at the same time… you have to work at a medical health center to witness that. So, for the first time I got the “stressful eating” syndrome. I just grab a piece of bread, scrub it on the plate the meat was just on, and munched. Big time. It was delicious, I wasn’t hungry… it was just stress!! I was literally shaking! My hands, I mean! Darn sports, darn country…

After the second time, after we made a goal, we lose… yet still managed to keep on track and on monday we’ll face Brazil. Let’s see what happens there:

So, after I munched-away during (actually, pre and post) match I stayed on course. I could have said “Fuck it, I might as well eat this fattening stuff to celebrate we lose yet still keep going”- yet  I didn’t: I supper a small piece “a deck of cardsm I guesss”- of chicken breast and a salad, no oil.

After saturday, the challenge ends in 3 more weeks. I’m almost half way there. Hang in there! The same I say to my TEAM. HANG IN THERE!!!

  1. Gillian dice:

    That’s my boy 🙂 Get back up and keep going!! (PS I’m not keeping track of ANY of the soccer lol )

  2. darnfitness dice:

    I dont think Australia is in any match so…. LOSER!!!!! Nah, I lost too, up to Brzil


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