Paying the price

Publicado: 27/06/2010 en Sin categoría

I did went to the gym on thursday. I did got my ass into the weight room. I did compound exercises, and beach body exercises (arms). And I knew what was gonna happen next. It’s not the first time for me.

After a long absence to the weight room, the gym costs you an extra fee. And you must pay on PAIN. When you lift regularly, 3 times  week, nothing hurts. Maybe a little soreness twice a month. Nothing big.

But, Oh! May you dare to skip more than a week! Your lazyness you must pay. And the currency is pain.

Yeah, right now I’m doing the John Wayne post-squats walk. Can’t lift my arms too high or the pecs will hurt. Biceps can’t be extended the whole way. And sitting -or getting up from the chair or worst, the toilet- makes me cringe. But that’s ok. Everytime I walk into some stairs and look up with a painful stare, I remember someone saying “suck it up, princess”, then bite on a piece of wood and just head upstairs.It’s the price I must pay for my lazyness, and I’m OK with that.



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