Publicado: 29/06/2010 en whatever

Can you tell this is a guy’s blog? LOL. We got owned by Brazil. But that’s OK. We lost to the best. Now I want to see a latin soccer team win this thing. And at least, we weren’t lame enough to lose to Ghana OHHHHH See what I just did there?

My day started with 1 egg, scrambled, and 1 slice of WW bread. This was at home because it’s a holiday  in Chile. Lunch was… what was lunch? Oh, yeah, 1 cup mashed potatoes and 2 small sausages. Then half coffee half 0% milk mug. Dinner was 1 small chiken thigt and half a sausage, with air. I was not hungry.

Yet I must bring something to your attention. I ran! After the race, I didn’t run for like more than a month. But today I ran!!! It felt good. It was empowering. Might do it again.Sadly, GPS was funky on my Iphone and didn’t record the exact run. But I’m guessing a 5K. Because I have done that route before, and it’s a little more than 5K =) Good stuff, indeed.

Tomorrow I planned a double feature. 1 hour weights, then 1 hour combat. Uhmm. Sounds nice.



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