Sick babies infected me

Publicado: 30/06/2010 en Sin categoría

I’m feel like dying right now. Darn sick babies. I guess it all started last saturday.

I went to work only to find out my dear colleague left every single item locked, so I didn’t had any face masks or specs to protect myself from the sick babies. What is my job, you ask? Well, I start by placing the sick baby on the examining couch. Then I make her/his/its Mom to restraint the baby’s arms and legs. After that I proceed to push on the baby’s thorax, making they cry and scream. After a good time collapsing the thorax, I sit the baby and apply force in the throath with my fingers (like choking the baby) or put a tongue depressor inside his/her/its throath. After this torture, the baby cry and coughs and a lot of beatiful muccus is expelled from the airway. And I do all that with a professional poker face, even when I might be laughing smiling suffering for the baby in the inside.

And because of the lack of face masks and specs, I now have a really bad cold. Headackes, runny nose, coughing, sleepiness, you name it.

Thanksfully, even sick as I am, I managed to get my workout done yesterday. I actually lift weights for 1 hour and attend to my Body Combat class, so that would be a 2 hours long workout. Not too shabby =)

Yeah, I know, I should put my health first, get rest, recover, then exercise… but the thing is, the only time I actually felt good yesterday was during the workout. Does endorphines hold the power to stop a runny nose? I don’t know. But for those 2 hours there was no coughing or headaches or anything. They all came back when I was exiting the locker room but still. It was good.

After being sore the last few days, yesterdat was my first “OK, now I’m not so sore” day and I had to start a winning streak. Otherwise I’ll let another week pass by, then lift again and be sore for another 4 days and… It was a “now or never” thing for me.

At least this cold is keeping my hunger at bay.

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