Dealing with a binge weekend

Publicado: 03/07/2010 en nutrition

I’m on a trip! I’m writing this from my laptop, in a hotel room, using my Iphone as a modem. So here I am, with no kitchen available, no fridge and buying prepared food. I just ate a cheese and meat sandwich, by the way. No WW bread, the regular kind,white flour kind.

I just read a comment from Kayla in the “fat pics” page, she wrote:

“I saw your comment on Roni’s page about cheat day.. I JUST started doing that, and it definitely works! Do you find that it helps your metabolism? Whenever I weigh myself after my cheat day of eating more calories, I weigh less. It’s really weird, but do you have any more tips on staying on track during the week? Sometimes I randomly binge.. Great job on your weight loss btw!”

OK, first go and read Roni’s short post, so we all know what are going to talk about. Go, I’ll wait for you right here… OK, back? This is how I see things:

I know  have to keep on a limited calorie intake a day to mantain or lose weight. For me, maintainance calories per day would be about 2400. I think a 2000 calorie intake will promote weight loss. But the thing is, if you keep eating below maintainance for too long your body thinks you are starving and slows metabolism. You probably know this, so I’m not telling you anything new.

So, to prevent this and keep cravings at bay I implemented a “cheat day”, usually a weekend day. And also I created “Carby Wednesday”, when I eat more carbs (not sugar or candy, I said carbs!)

But life gets in the way now and then, and sometimes I eat stuff that’s not in plan. But that’s ok, I just take the slip off in my hands, shape it as a ball and blow it away up to the skies and be done with it. It’s better than feeling guilty, binge all day long because I made that mistake or go cry in a corner. I remember myself that I got this thing grabbed by the ballz, not the other way around.  Then I plan the damage control. What do I do?

Well, if I planned a rest day, skip the rest and attend a Combat class that I didn’t have on schedule. Or at dinner, eat a salad of tuna and greens, lemon juice and salt. I huge one. Or take the dog for a second and longer walk.It’s about balance.

Or think outside the box. Let’s not talk about 2,000 cal/day, lets think 14,000 cal/week. So if I overate one day, I go with 1,800 cal the next two days. No more than 2 days, I dont want to set off the alarm and start starvation mode!

What I’m trying to say is that the magic word is planning. Don’t just go to the gym and decide there what you’ll do; plan it before you go. Don’t  just eat healthy; plan your meals beforehand. And if you mess up, plan your way out of it. Because you will mess up, eventually. It would be a very false thing to say that I’m going to eat clean from today until the day I’ll die of old age.

So, if I’m going to eat crap, I better plan when it would be eaten, and plan how I’ll correct it later. You see, I knew I would buy that white bread sandwich today. I planned it yesterday. I knew it was going to be 400 calories. I also planned 400 calories for whatever crap they would give me on the plane (it was candy, another candy, a third candy and coffee). It’s all crap, and it’s all planned. Tomorrow is cheat day, but there will be A LOT of walking too.  Life will balance itself.

  1. kayla dice:

    This is great! thanks for the reply! I totally agree with everything you said

  2. Michelle dice:

    Very sound plan. I usually did some version of Body for Life when I dieted and it always called for a day of rest from exercise and a cheat day. One of the benefits from cheat day was how crappy I usually felt after indulging! It didn’t dissuade me from indulging the next Sunday though…I’m not crazy!

    • darnfitness dice:

      Hey Michelle, how are you doing? =) I keep saving my binges for cheat day, but the weird thing is, when binge day arrives… I’m not that hungry or not in the mood for junk food. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do go nuts eating! But on real food, not junk food. Actually, the bad stuff makes my stomach hurts now. For like HOURS AFTER.

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