Progress pics

Publicado: 07/07/2010 en Sin categoría

I know, I know. I used to do this weekly. But really, how much change would you see in only 7 days, anyway?

My day was very good, on work and food. But my hair has grown a little too long to be easily managed. Yeah, I had a very bad hair day LOL

Before the progress pics, may I say I was *THIS* close to skip weight lifting today. Yeah, LazyKid was on my back, big time. Luckly I managed to shake him off! It was a great workout. I had this big list of exercises ready (you know, plan your workouts everyday!)

You should have seen me! I was on fire! One set of squats, then one set of chin-ups, I almost never stopped supersetting. I was shocked that I finished in 45 minutes! This is my new motto: “If you are not wheezing or breathing like you just sprinted a mile, you shouldn’t be resting”.

Soooooo!!!! ¨[insert fanfare here] The pics!

That’s all the news for today. See ya!

  1. yumyucky dice:

    hehe. I love the captions on your bod pics. And I totally showed Health-hater Husband that comment you left on my blog. that made me laugh.

  2. darnfitness dice:

    Thanks for stopping by again!


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