The 30 years old virgin

Publicado: 08/07/2010 en recipes, whatever

Ok, I have a confession to make. This is so embarrasing for me, but I made the promise to be totally honest in this blog so… here it goes. I am… an eggplant virgin. Yep, never had that stuff. I know, I’m almost 30 years old and never had any. I even brought one to my place once, but I got so nervous about it that didn’t make anything with it. I had to throw it out :_(

All I know about the eggplant is from the cooking TV shows. I know it’s suppose to be somewhat like a zuchinni and that it absorves oil like a mad cow if you sautee it.

Why this confession? Because I desperatly need to cook something! It’s impossible for me to cook in the week days, and last weekend I was on this trip so it’s been 14 days without cooking. I’m getting the shakes already. I want to cook!

So, yesterday I was told about this recipe on Facebook. It caught my attention because it’s roasted (so no problem with the oil here), had chickpeas, feta cheese and other yum stuff. And only 200 calories per serving. It looked so yummy and light and vegeterian that I decided I’m gonna cook myself a huge steak on saturday night and having the eggplant recipe as a side dish =P

(Warning: clicking on the recipe link might provide hours and hours of food porn and healthy cooking).

The other thing I’m gonna try is WW homemade pasta! That’s the plan for sunday. I’m gonna make it from scratch, and shape it as spaghetti and lasagna. And dry it, of course! Really, WW pasta is so expensive here. I think this might be my only option to actually eat the stuff. I have a pasta machine collecting dust somewhere in my kitchen after all. I’ll be trying this recipe.

And since not everything must follow a recipe, I’m also going to make homemade burgers. I don’t know what I’ll add to those. Just ground beef, textured soy protein, soylent green, herbs, oats, eggs, etc. Nice to share my cooking plans with ya.

And just a quick note: I did snap several pics of myself trying to recreate Steve Carrel facial expresion. They were so embarrasing that I decided not to post them LOL



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