Quick update:testosterone needed, badly

Publicado: 09/07/2010 en Sin categoría

This is what other bloggers call “wordless X day”. Except it has lots of words, and no pics… So maybe it’s not exactly that. Anyways…
I’m in need of some brotherhood! Don’t get me wrong, I really love all of you girls in the blogging world. But we are so different, at so many levels. The dudes, we came from Mars, you know? So I stumbled onto goingfor96 blog today, a dude’s blog. And he has this amazing list of dudes’ blogs (and another list of girls’ blogs also) and I was just blown away. Suddenly I was not alone after all *go to cry in my corner*.

So tonight, my mission is to add all this testosterone filled blogs to my google reader. Nothing else, well, except reading about 5 posts of each blog. I’m on a mission. I put a “do not disturb” sign in my door knob.

Oh, by the way, go visit goingfor96 blog right now! It’s actually really good. You’ll be pleasantly



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