The cigarette talk

Publicado: 10/07/2010 en Sin categoría

If you could have been outside my workplace today at 4 PM, you would have seen one guy and two girls walking away to the bushes nearby. And no, this is not the beggining of those “Dear Playboy” stories, you perv! It was me, the physical therapist dude, a nutritionist girl and a psychologist girl sneaking away from the patients so we could have a smoke. While at it, the psychologist girl commented about my weight loss and that she wanted to lose some weight too. Normally this would have started my chatty chatty chat chat, but with the nutritionist girl present I remained silent. The nutritionist is the professional, after all.

As she talked about what she eats, the problem became obvious. Basically, the psychologist girl has a planning problem. She doesn’t have breakfast, so when she arrives to work she ends up buying white bread and pork cold meats around 9 AM at a local store that doesn’t resemble Whole Foods at all. Sometimes she has lunch, sometimes she doesn’t. And when she arrives at home at 9 PM, after her second job (private practice) she literally eats her own weight in whatever is on sight (salads, hot dogs, apples, chips, wood chips,  metal, ANYTHING).

So, my pierced tongue was itching to begin the chatty chat chat, but I let the nutritionist girl go first =D The nutritionist girl told her about healthy snacking, maybe a yogurt at mid-day, and the importance of breakfast. Then I jumped in and said “You need to plan those. Prepare your breakfast the night before. For example, I had some hard boiled-eggs at home all the time. I just grind one with a fork, add some low fat mayo and a little ketchup, some herbs, and place that between some WW bread I always have on the freezer. The morning after is ready to eat“. And the psychologist girl looked at me like I just discovered the Americas. She said “Like, you cook the day before????” in a shocked manner. And I was like “Yeah, WTF, why are you staring at me with those weird eyes!”

Oh, and then we got to the oatmeal. The nutritionist girl told her to have 1/3 cup of oatmeal at work and munch on that. Then the psychologist girl said that she could keep a bag at work. Then I said “It’s better if you prepared your portions first. I always take a plastic bag or tupper and weight 40 grams of… ” And then the psychologist girl went nuts.


– (me) Well, yeah. How else would I know how much I’m eating?

–  I couldn’t do that.

Yes, you can. It’s actually simple. You turn on your digital scale and…

You bought a scale just for that????

Uhmm, yes. You put the tupper on it and reset it to zero. Then pour in the oats until 40 grams are in there. Then repeat with another small tupperware, for 20 grams of powdered 0% milk. Really, it doesn’t take more than a minute. Just boil water, mix and eat!

She was mesmerized. I was freaked out. Suddenly, I was a healthy snacking freak. She was staring at me the same way I look at vegans level 18 (the kind who only eats veggies that doesn’t cast a shadow).

Then she said to the nutritionist girl: “This dude got the habits change right“. Then I smiled.

Of course, then another nutritionist came for a smoke and somehow I was acused about being on Sibutramine. Jerk!

Anyways, after all smokes were smoked, we returned to work. But I was feeling like a fitness-eat-healthy freak. But it’s just rutine for me now. That’s a good thing, right? Then again, I can never be a fitness freak. I was smoking, after all.

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