My Mom’s procedure

Publicado: 13/07/2010 en Sin categoría

Just a quick update. No gym for me today, I’m sorry to say. My Mom is having a medical procedure today, so after work I’ll be getting my butt right to the hospital.

I’m not calling it surgery because in my mind it isn’t. See, my Mom’s right leg arteries are a little clogged with cholesterol and she need to have an angioplasty. And it’s scheduled for today.

Have you seen those long balloons that you can shape into a dog? Well, imagine that balloon, deflated, inserted through your leg into an artery, and when it get to the clogged part, they inflate it. And your artery is now open again.

So that’s what she’s having. There is no anesthesia (except in the leg), the incision is really small and there should be no problems. She should be at home by tomorrow and the recovery process is really waiting for the cut to heal up.

I don’t want to have this procedure when I’m 65 years old. I just wont. I’ll be squatting and deadlifting at that age, and the exercise will keep me healthy.  I see people at my job everyday withdrawing their meds for diabetes and hypertension,asking to see the doctor for the 1000th time for their low back pains…

I see what sedentarism and bad eating choices – wich would be considered normal choices for most people – would do to me at work and at home. Somehow it’s “normal” to expect illness from aging. I say no to that! I declare today that I’m going to be a youngster until the day I die.

UPDATE: The angioplasty is done. But they found out that the left femoral artery is clogged beyond repair. And that means a by-pass surgery. Crap. She didn’t wanted to have the surgery right away, so she’s just going to recover from this procedure and book the surgery later.



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