The old man

Publicado: 14/07/2010 en whatever

Tic toc. Tic toc. Time doesn’t stop for anyone, uh? This August the 1st I’m changing my log book. I’ll start a new Excel spreadsheet. I’ll surpass the 29,000 twitts. People, I’m turning 30 years old. And I feel kinda depressed.

I mean, I have been 20-something like a third of my life (duh)! And know I talk about aging “gracefully”, but man, I don’t wanna turn 30. So I need some cheering up. I want gifts. Lots of them. I made a wish list of things that I think I’ll need next month, so you can send them to me:

–  Adult sized diapers.

– Canes.

– Wheelchair.

– Hearing aid.

– Some fancy Biotherm Homme products (anti-wrinkles)

– Big pants and a belt to wear them at my ribs high.

– A ticket to Florida (one way only).

– Dental prosthesis, and a big cup to soak it in water during the night.

– And if you really have money, please buy me a coffin and lets be done with it.

  1. David dice:

    Ah what’s another year. Just keep exercising 🙂 I’m still getting carded for 21? at 35.

  2. darnfitness dice:

    Do they ask you for an ID when you buy alcohol? LOL Yeah, I just need to embrace this milestone…

  3. Honey, I have no sympathy for you whatsoever since I am about to have a birthday soon too. 51. And I’m not dead or wearing diapers yet.


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