Welcome to the freak show

Publicado: 17/07/2010 en whatever

Have you ever felt like a health freak? Yes? No? Because I’m feeling like one a lot this days.

It started with this conversation. Somehow the fact that I weight my oatmeal for my afternoon snack was a shock for a co-worker. BTW, the only reason I weight it is because I dont need to wash measuring cups that way =)

I’m not feeling normal. What’s normal, anyway? I’ll say normal is doing what almost everybody is doing. Going with the flow. Well, look around you. Almost everybody is fat nowadays (if you are from Uncle’s Sam country, please add BIG CAPS at EVERYBODY). In Chile, it’s almost accepted to have hypertension and/or diabetes after 60 years old. I think it’s universal to say that after 60, your knees must hurt while taking the stairs because you are old. You can’t lift a heavy box after 60, or you are just asking for it. After 60, you must take a blue pill to have a boner. After 60, you need help, and surgeries, and meds, and take it easy, because your “really active life” has ended.

And don’t let me started at “normal” eating. Come on. McDonald’s is not the biggest food chain worlwide because a small amount of people eat there. Eating out is  a”normal” everyday thing for a lot of folks. Moms are cooking without considering calories worldwide (italian moms might get extra fat credits). This calories/points counting thing is not what most people do. We, people, are a minority in this world.

Well, I say f**k all that. Since we are doing everything in a different way (counting, exercising) we can expect a different 60 years old life. Odds are, if you are reading this, you too exercise regularly and watch what you eat (or at least, thinking about doing so). We are the freaks. The health freaks.

We go to tyhe gym. We made that comintment. We run. We watch what we eat. We try to make smart food choices. Also, we are like 5% of the world population. Most people dont give a crap about this, or do give a crap but never made the real change (poor yo-yo dieters, trapped in that loop!). We had tried to change people who dont give a crap. Now we know we can’t force them to change (the other 95%) but we can set an example. Lets blog away, lets them see what can be done. Let them see us at age 60. We can preach it. We will preach with the example.

So, my fellow bloggers/readers/people who just happen to end up here, if you “get the way it’s done”, this never ending road, this empowering state of being, spread the word. If you are a yo-yo dieter, do believe there’s a better way. Just ask. Just read. It’s right there, at the palm of your hand (that would be your mouse!).

Join us. Join us at the freak show!!!!

  1. David dice:

    Freaks in a good way, proud to be. I never understood why people would be such health freaks, but now i think i get it thankfully. We will have happier years ahead i am sure. And good job for doing a 5k today. 🙂


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