The Paleo – Primal Diet Challenge

Publicado: 23/07/2010 en nutrition, Paleo/Primal, whatever

Talk about self-explanatory posts titles, uh?

Oh, and let’s talk about fad diets! Every year there is a new big one coming up. I remember when I tried Atkins back in the day, I lasted a week. 20 grams of carbs a day? Yeah right, like that was gonna happen.

So I stumble into this Paleo/Primal diet surfing the interlink and twitting this week. “Ah! Here is this year’s fad diet!” I thought. Maybe it’s older than 2010, but it was the first time I noticed it. I click the links. I did my google. And after all that, I was very intrigued.

This Paleo/Primal diet is probably nothing new to you but I’ll give some introduction anyway. The general idea is that our bodies hasn’t really evolved since the Paleolithic Age, after the “Missing Link” man/ape. And by that time, we didn’t have agriculture, so we survived in other food like mammoth meat and fish and veggies and fruit. And all starches and legumes (potatoes, flour, oats, pasta, peas, corn, lentils, beans (including soy, of course) are toxic in their raw state. There is no questionning that. But, what if cooking this toxic stuff didn’t take away all the toxins?

There is this Aussy doc that explains very well what supposed “toxins” are present in legumes and grains, even AFTER cooked. The plants make this toxins for 2 reasons: avoid the development of the seed before it reaches optimum condition to sprout; and make animals sick so they don’t eat the grains. I don’t know about you, but growing up I visited this farm a lot. Like all summer, every summer. I saw cows and sheeps right besides corn plants and they don’t eat corn, nor they eat beans either. Pigs, that’s another story. But let’s go back to this supposed toxins.

Enzime blockers: mainly to stop development of the seed, and as pesticides to protect the seed/grain/legume/potato. They block our digestive enzymes as amylase and pepsin.

Lectins: according to this Doc, this little fu**ers have the ability to bind to almost every receptor in the cell, so they have the potential to make any cell do anything – probably what it’s not suppose to do and in the worst possible moment-. He even hints about rapid grow (that’s cancer, my friend) and lectins.

Now, this two evil things are suppose to be present in very little amounts in starches and legumes. But, since we eat them everyday… you get the picture. Go to this link to read more (maybe you should read that. I mean, if you are into health and all that jazz already, right?)

So, this diet lifestyle calls for eliminating potatoes, grains and legumes from your diet in at least 80% of the time. Great, another low carb fad!!!!

But wait, no, we are actually encoraged to eat fruit. FRUIT! Remember the Atkins days? No fruit whatsoever, because carbs are the devil. In this thing, you are encouraged to eat fruit. Well, now look at that.

Weirdly enough, it doesn’t stop at that. This Primal Way also encouraged you to sleep early, do stress management, to play (yes, to play!), to have a little sun in your life, to do very slow cardio everyday (get your fat ass out of that couch!) and to “lift heavy things”. All of this trying to recreate the lifestyle our ancestors had. Before McDonalds. Before italian food. Before agriculture.

Up to this point, to me was still another fad diet. That was until I got to the “fans” websites. The numerous Primal blogs and communities. This people don’t preach, they RAVE about this way of living. Yes, they are slim and fit, but they almost don’t care. What they speak the most is the ENERGY they have because of the lifestyle. @knightfit told me on twitter that he feels like “bouncing off walls” from all the energy. The same I read over and over again. This Primal peole are smiling, filled with energy and oh, yeah, they’re fit also but that’s like the least of the benefits. OK, I was really intrigued now.

Then, the next hint came from @primaltoad. In his excellent blog (go check it out, is fun, funny, short read, inspirational and over all superb, how a blog really should be) there was this discussion about pasta. What’s so good about pasta? Well, imagine pasta and bolognese sauce. Nice, uh? Well, now imagine boiling the pasta in water (no salt). Then, drain and eat. No salt, no butter, no tomato paste, no anything. Just plain, boring white pale pasta. Is that so yummy? Yuck, no. So is the sauce we like, and the pasta is just texture, not the flavor. Just think again in boiled white rice, no oil nor salt, mushy plain rice. Yickes!

So, I really need to rap this up. I’m going to do a 30 days all Paleo/Primal (same thing) Challenge starting August 2nd. Right after my birthday, so I can have cake. I don’t really want cake, but I know they’ll get me a cake. SO after that Sunday, I’m going Primal, baby!

PD: I had tons and tons of more things to say about this Paleo thing, but even at resuming it all I think I wrote my longest post ever. Do not mind, we’ll have a month to get into the details.



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