First (actually first and second) primal day(s)

Publicado: 26/07/2010 en Paleo/Primal

Guys, out of nowhere I went primal this saturday. Yeah, I know. I was suppose to start this primal thing in 8 days from now, but I just woke up and felt like doing it.

Do you know Grok? It’s the name of the fantasy caveman fron the DailyApple website. Today I woke up at 13:30 PM (it’s a saturday, don’t judge me!). When I woke up, I inmediatly remembered Grok. That’s how cavemen woke up; when they were finish sleeping. No clock. It just felt right. I decided then I was going primal today.

I was suppose to attend a birthday lunch today. That’s like a birthday party, but for people over 30 so it’s not a party anymore, it’s a lunch. Yeah, I know. Anyways, I got there, no breaksfast, at 3:30 PM. First they served a soup. It was a broth, with some turkey bits and parsley. The thing is, the first 4 tablespoons I took were half broth, half OIL. There was a layer of oil swimming on top of the soup. I eat it whole, oil included (even burnt my tongue with it).

Then came the turkey breast. So healthy, right? But still, it was swimming in oil. OMG. I passed the potatoes to the people around me and just had the turkey meat with celery and lettuce salad. Then munched on the salad for like 20 minutes (down here, we serve big bowls of salads and everyone take their share into his/her plate. Is it like that over the world?) . I was satisfied, and feeling great, Yeah, feeling great, low carbs for the day was effortless.

Then came dessert. It was fruit, but canned fruit. Filled with sugar. I passed, and had a coffe instead. “No sugar” I asked. I drank it. Weird, no sugar or sucralose coffee actually doesn’t taste that bad. May I dare saying this, I enjoyed my no sugary coffee.

Then came cake. Actually, I left the house when they were almost about  to serve cake. So I didn’t got any. While leaving, they asked “You are not going to eat cake?” And my mom answered for me: “No, he’s on a diet”. I just give her a look, this look ¬¬ and said “I didn’t said I was on a DIET. I said I was not gonna have cake right now”. You’ll see, she didn’t said “diet” as an everyday diet or lifestyle. She said “DIET” rolling her eyes. It was rude. Then EVERYONE started attacking me like I had vigorexia, like I was doing steroids, then why so much gym, and if-you-wanna-prove-youre-healthy-you-must-eat-cake. Oh Lord. I ditch them and left.

Now, I don’t know if it was the Primal Diet or all the good sleeping, but I decided to go to the gym for some weight lifting. It was great. Awesome, even. I exerted myself beyond my safety zone. That’s good.

Before I went to the gym, I left some veggies ready to cook. I sliced zuchinni, red bell peppers, mushrooms, celery sticks and spinach. And I boiled some artichokes also.So, after the gym I munched on an artichoke (Good Lord, yum!) with lemon juice and some salt for a dip. After that, I was full. But I knew I had to get my protein. I eat a little meat, medium rare. It was like a portion, you know the p0rtion, a “deck of cards” kind of portion.

After that I went to bed. Or online, actually. It’s my first day on this primal thing and I felt great. Energized, was in front of carbs and didn’t felt like eating them… I had a great (almost amazing) weight lifting workout and… that. Yeah. COOL!


So I woke up today, sunday that is, to eat 2 scrambled eegs. It tasted like… scrambled eggs. I’m starting to realize that the toast was just the filling, because the taste was there. After that, like 2 hours after, I had a steak and the same mix of veggies stir-fried. Trust me, it was good. I was not shy with the oil, because I’m kinda working towards more muscles and I need a slight calorie superplus so… after that I didn’t eat anything until dinner. It was filled-with-oil turkey breast leftovers from the birthday’s lunch from yesterday) and the same veggie stir-fry. Oh, and 38 grams of almonds. And I tossed sessame seeds to the veggies today.
I have no idea how many calories was that. That’s the point, I guess, not caring and just wait for the results. For tomorrow, I have a similar plan. Except that I’m going to eat a food for the first time. Yep, never eaten by me in my whole life. It looks yucky. I’l see what jerky taste like tomorrow.


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