July’s Progress Pics

Publicado: 28/07/2010 en cardio, nutrition, Paleo/Primal, Tommy Damani's challenge

July is almost over, just like my twenties LOL (oh wait, I meant *SOBS*) and I decided it’s time for a little cheering up. You know, lately I had been a little down because of this turning 30 thing and this last little fat I can’t get rid of fast enough….

But there are good things in the fitness area also. For example, I think I’m in the best shape of my life. Yes, I had more muscle, but with much more fat too. And I had been leaner, but not with this solid mass and background of knowledge (I did almost only isolation exercises back in the day, stupid youth!).

I was never before able to run a 6K. I was the kind of guy who thought he couldn’t run for 1 minute. Also I discovered Body Combat almost a year ago, and still get the chills before attending a class (yeah, is that good!). I will never again train in a boring treadmill or stationary bike, never again! My cardio is now fun, and I actually want to do it.

I also re-discovered my deep love for the iron. I forgot about it in the last few months. Lifting weights was a chore, but not anymore. I’ll elaborate more extensively about this in an upcoming post!

And the nutrition, man, the nutrition! I feel that I got this so nailed. I see food as fuel. I have almost completely separeted food from emotion. I can get into this crazy fads ideas to try new results and actually commit to them. No carbs for a months? Sure, why not. Eating the same 3 meals a day for 2 months? AH! Been there, done that. And I have gotten results and I DIDN’T GAIN THE WEIGHT BACK after returning to “normal diet”. If I ate something not on the plan, I didn’t binge. I just moved on an kept on track. I understand that this kind of nutritional stunts might be a pitfall for most people, so I see them as “advanced” moves. Like the starving and dehydration bodybuilders go through a week before a contest. It’s something to do for a little while, if you can go through it without losing your mind in the process.

And I have a blog =) I love fitness blogs! If it wasn’t for this blog, I wouldn’t have this pics to compare. But now I do. So, to make a little background, here are the pics I took this last April, when I started this blog:

Four months later, I took these pics today. As usual, no bellies are vacuumed in, and the pics are taken after I got home from work, so no post-gym pump or anything funny:

So, there you have it. The last pics of my twenties. I wonder how I will look in the last pics of my thirties!

PS: I just remembered! Do you remember the water challenge? 2 liters per day, like 2 weeks ago? I had been owning my water!!!! I dont have the will power to remember sipping water all day long, but I CAN sip on 500 cc (half a liter) in 15 seconds! I had been doing that this past 2 weeks, and I drink more than the 2 liters in the challenge. Wicked cool!!!

  1. Jess dice:

    Glad you’re owning the water and that you’re making so much progress! And congrats for not binging if something doesn’t go your way. I have to keep telling myself sometimes that food is not the solution!

    Anyway, don’t be too bummed about turning 30. Mid-20s is a big mind clusterconfusion that I’m trying to figure out. Ack.


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