New body fat reading

Publicado: 30/07/2010 en whatever

Ugh, nasty pic! OK, I got my body fat measured today. Last time, the reading was 17,7%. Today’s measurement was done by the same nice nutritionist, with the same caliper, at the same hour than last time.

And the results are…. 20%!! Yeah!! Go me!! It feels so good when your efforts are rewar… Oh wait, WAIT!! WTF!!!! IT’S UP!?!?!?!

Well, not exactly. It’s actually down. Confusing, uh? Yeah, confusion happen a lot around me :/

Here is the deal. In case you haven’t heard, I’m turning thirty this Sunday. I have been weeping about it in this blog and on twitter and FB and IRL since about a month. So, the reading from the caliper measurements give 20% because she calculated BF for a thirty years old man. You know, like, for a grandpa.

I asked her to calculate it again, but for a young, full of life 29 years old man. Just like last time. And then, the results were……17,2%!!!

So, I have lost 0,5% of body fat since the last time, I think a month ago or so. So you can imagine my feelings! OMFG THIS FAT IS NEVER GOING TO COME OFF FML FML FML I’m happy and proud of a steady, disciplined fat loss process wich is slowly showing results. You know, a fast loss is harder to mantain. A slow loss, you get  to keep forever. A fast loss is harder to mantain. A slow loss, you get  to keep forever.

Yes, I wrote that twice.

Actually, I copied and pasted.

In other news, I’m preparing a big stunt for the weekend. I bet I’m gonna make you cringe when you read it! Stay tuned 🙂

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