The Paleo stunt

Publicado: 30/07/2010 en Paleo/Primal

How is everyone today? Me, just 48 hours from being murdered by sadness turning 30 years old! Can you believe how time fly?

Anyway, I announced a big stunt for this weekend. It’s a Paleo stunt. As you may know – or not – since August 2nd I’m starting a 30 days challenge following the Paleo Diet. It’s a lifestyle that tries to recreate how human beings ate in the Paleo Era. So no grains, no potatoes, no beans, no sugar, no processed foods. It allows fruits, but it is kinda low-carby. You can read more about it here.

And also, keep in mind that my goals are to build more muscle, while losing fat.

Some people that live by this lifestyle also do another, uhm, thing. They say it helps to lose fat, doesn’t waiste muscle and also wakes up the mind. Now, before I tell you, please try to keep an open mind, OK? Here it goes.

I am fasting this Saturday. Yep, no food for me since the time I got up until 8 PM. OK, OK, I know what you might be thinking. It’s a bad  idea, I’m going to mess up my metabolism, I’m going to lose muscle, yada yada. But please, read this, and open your mind. And if I’m trying this Paleo thing for a month, I should do so to the bone!

I will skip breakfast, lunch and snacks. I’ll drink only water. And at 8 PM, my Mom is going to take me and more friends and family to a steak house! Then I shall omnomnom on juicy beefs and salads!

  1. Never tried the Paleo stunt but enjoy reading Marks Daily Apple.

    “being murdered by sadness” LMAO!

    felicidades con tu cumpleano!

  2. Murdured by sadness??? I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Since I probably should have been dead a few decades now.

    I registered to do the Paleo Diet for a diabetes study at a nearby hospital, but they were already full. I am very curious about it and will be following closely!

  3. David dice:

    This is the post that made me start to consider the paleo thing. At least ditching the grains. Makes a lot of sense. I bought a ton of milk. Enjoyed pounding that tonight. Will take some to work tomorrow instead of more carbs.


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