Fast update and birthday dinner

Publicado: 02/08/2010 en Sin categoría

Oh my! Today was a, umh, very different kind of day. For starters, I worked on a Saturday, you know, on my weekend gig. I don’t do it often. I have only to work the last 2 Saturdays of August and I’m done.

As you know, I decided to fast today, all in the subtext of the Primal/Paleo challenge. It was a surprise. It was – literally- EFFORTLESS. You’ll see, I’m not a breakfast kind of guy. I do breakfast because I had to, but would be happy with just a cup of coffee. Well, this fast was like that, but longer. I mean, I didn’t even got hungry. Weird!

Maybe the fact that I was working all day long helped. I I worked in another facility, so my fruit stack was not over there. I just didn’t had any food to eat. I avoided food/health blog because, well, we do talk a bunch about the munchies. I twitted a little but – for the same reason – I had to close TweetDeck. Don’t talk to me about food MODE ON.

Before I knew it, the work day was over. When I returned home, I breaked the fast at 6 PM with a small handfull of almods, another small handfull of walnuts and a cup of coffee with a splash of milk. An hour later, 2 kiwis met their fate in my mouth.

Then, we went to the steak house my Mom invited me. We were 9 people, munching and drinking. I started with a raspberry daikiri and sopaipillas (bread dough, deep fried) and hot salsa. 3 servings of them. But the size was about half my fist. Then a half-fist piece of bread with butter. Hey, it’s my birthday! Don’t judge me!

That’s my Mom at my right! After that came the steaks, with veggies for me. Then, the coffee. I was hoping they would imagine I didn’t wanted a cake, since all the exercise and dieting and stuff, but what do you think it happened…

Well, of of this happen on July 31th. Tomorrow is my real B-day, that will start running another 5K event. Hell yeah!

  1. yumyucky dice:

    woohoo! happy birthday! I love that pic of you. You look extra gorgeous ‘n stuff, even though that glass is in yo face. Now uh, can we talk sopaipillas????

  2. darnfitness dice:

    Trust me, you’re better off not knowing how they taste and I’m not giving you the recipe!


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