The Press-by-September Challenge Extraordinaire

Publicado: 05/08/2010 en whatever

Remember the water challenge? That went great! I changed my habits and now I can proudly say that I met my water goals effortless during the day. I actually feel like I need the water before going thirsty. Cool!

So, it’s time for another challenge. I mean, I just started the Paleo Challenge but this one hits another deparment. It’s time for a confession.

I am… stiff as a board. I can’t touch my toes, and I can’t raise my arms the whole way. As a child, I could never stand on my hands and over a wall (what’s the name of that position in English?) at school. If I lift my arms up to the sky, I can’t get a “12 o’clock” position. I get a “2 o’clock” position instead.

I have watched myself, shirtless, in a mirror, raising my arms. In my back, the muscles and the bones have somehow find a way to move, but it doesn’t look right. My scapula flies off to the side, muscle bellies go around in a non-common manner… ugh.

Now, I’m a fan of compound exercises on the weight lifting area. And stiff as I am, I can’t do one of the more important exercises ever: the press. As in the shoulder press. I have been doing upright rows for the shoulders, but it’s just not the same.

The thing is, the stretch to correct this is uncomfortable. There is some nerves being stretched also, so it’s a painful stretch. And don’t give that crap about that stretching should not be painful. Anyone who can’t touch their toes knows that stretching a nerve IS PAINFUL. And my hand goes numb during the stretch.

You don’t just stretch. Let this be a lesson for ya. You start any stretch, and the muscles will contract in discomfort. Up to this point, you’re not doing anything except making pain. But if you stay there, after a while the muscles give up and relax. That’s when the good stuff starts. You stretch a little bit more, and the muscles contract again. Wait again, and when they relax, go a little bit further until you reach the max stretch. You’ll know when you get there. That’s the best way to stretch. The whole process should take about 3 minutes.

So, if you had been doing the 30 seconds stretching this whole time and haven’t being seeing results… this is why.

I know what I have to do. I stretch for like, 3 days in a row, then the fourth day I forget. Then I say “I’ll start again next Monday”. Sounds familiar? So I need something to keep me accountable. Enter the Press-by-September Challenge Extraordinaire.

I have 1 month to get my arms onto the “12 o’clock” position. I’ll stretch 3 times a day. I’ll take a pic every day, so I can make one of those fancy youtube’s vids were the images go fast and you see the end results in 20 seconds.I’ll post a pic every 7 days showing my progress.

These are the “before pics”:

Boy, do I have a lot of crap lying around in my bedroom, uh?

I’m smelling a Toes-by-October challenge as well!!!

  1. Kyle dice:

    Yes…I suck at stretching. I just don’t do it and I do pay the price for it more frequently than I should. I l like yoga, occasionally, though.

    I should stretch after every run, but I don’t.

    Flexibility is one of those things that pay dividends elsewhere as well, but I just can’t seem to get into the groove.

    Best wishes on your stretching goals.

  2. darnfitness dice:

    It’s hard, isn’t it? It’s painful, and you might get away without doing it… I don’t like it but, I guess I’ll have to do it. Sight.


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