A paleo/primal update

Publicado: 07/08/2010 en nutrition, Paleo/Primal

So, it’s day 5 from the official 30-days-primal-paleo challenge and I think you guys want to hear some updates.

I know what I would love to read in this post. Things like “I struggled through it today, but I managed to survive” or the like. Come on, you like the drama too. But reality is s far from that. Truth is, I don’t miss carbs at all. Pasta? No thanks. Potatoes? No thanks. Oh, and the big one, rice? Uhm… no thanks.

What’s so good about mushy boiled white rice, with no salt or oil anyway? Well, you could throw in there the oil, the salt, some garlic, a little herbs and the thing would taste better. So what is it that you like, the rice or the stuff you add to it for flavor?

Last week I sauteed ground beef, onion, garlic and tomato sauce (the sauce was processed so not really Primal but still). Then I added a little parmesan cheese. That’s bolognese sauce, right? But instead or using it with pasta, I made cauliflower rice.  That’s just cauliflower, grinded in a food processor, microwaved for 8 minutes, and salt. Since the sauce was so rich, I didn’t taste the cauliflower at all.

There has been some littles bumps on the road, though. For example:

– I have to cook my own food now. My plate was usually served when I arrived home. Now, I have to cook my veggies’ side dish (dead animal is still cooked and waiting for me). No biggie.

– Sometimes, the meat portion is kind of small, and I stay a little bit hungry. This happens at work. You open your lunch and oh! The chicken they killed was a small one, apparently. And since I’m far away from my kitchen, I’m pretty much f*cked.

– It’s hard to buy primal meals at work. The other day I forgot my lunch at home ¬¬ so I went to the small markets around here. The only thing I got was canned tuna and lettuce. I overdid the vinegar and… ugh. Not the best lunch ever.

– It’s a little bit more expensive than normal eating. In the other hand, I haven’t throw any rotten veggies or fruits to the garbage this last couple of weeks.

There is a lot of good stuff too!

– Steaks. Steaks everywhere.

– I’m rediscovering bacon. It’s good. And I’m even starting to like avocado (YEAH, I KNOW!).

– I got to eat lots of yummy eggs and not care about the cholesterol thing.

– Fruits and veggies started to taste better. Like when smokers quit the habit and say food just taste so much better (and put on a few pounds)? Like that. Red bell peppers get sweet when stir-fried, for example. A ripe banana is stinkly sweet. Who needs candy?

– My chronic sleepiness is fading away. I’m fully awake at times when I was just dying to have a nap.

-I get home willing to get stuff done, not to just hit the couch beated.

Back when I was just thinking about going Paleo / Primal for a month, my biggest question was “so, what do this people DO eat?”, since it sounded so restrictive. So let me give you some examples of what I had been eating.


– Fritatta of veggies (might be mushrooms, bell peppers, spinach, and the like). Been thinking about adding ground beef, sausage, or bacon. Haven’t done so yet.

– Plain old scrambled eggs with bacon.

– A portion (30 grs) of nuts, and like an apple and 2 oranges.

– Air. I’m not a breakfast kind-of-guy. Just gimme my coffee and we are cool.


It’s always a piece of some dead animal, plus:

– Broiled veggies, like zuchinni, tomatoes, eggplant, you name it. With butter, oil or bacon!  And any spices you can add.

– Fast stir-fry veggies. Cherry tomatoes and red bell peppers are my fav (I love the way cherry tomatoes “explode” while cooking LOL). Broccoli and cauliflower, yum!! Just think about cauliflower, cooked just until done but still firm and filling, with loads of butter and garlic/onion powder. *drools*

– Fruit!

-And some side salad, just for the tangy taste on vinegar. Celery, maybe? Lettuce?

– Half an avocado with just salt replaces well the rice you’re eating right now.


– Nuts and seeds.

– Before a workout, a large banana.

– Apples, oranges, pinenapple… Fruit, you know?

– Hard boiled eggs.

– The little piece of meat I couldn’t eat at luch/dinner because I was so stuffed. Trust me, eating a lot of veggies might sound like you are going to be left hungry, but all that fiber does get you the hanging belly and breathing heavily too.

There. In other news, tomorrow I got to run 6K and a little bit more for my upcoming 10K event. I had been stretching for my Press-by-September challenge. I did hit the weights on Thursday (not best workout ever, but I still lifted).

And I just wrote this post munching on 30 grs. of walnut/almond mix and drinking green tea.



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