My active, weight lifting Sunday

Publicado: 09/08/2010 en Paleo/Primal, Tommy Damani's challenge, weights

OMG. This Sunday started really odd. For starters, I woke up at 11 AM (and I’m famous for sleeping in until 1PM or later). Even more weird, on Saturday I woke up at 10:30 AM. WTF? Is the primal lifestyle giving me more energy or what?

After a fine breakfast of 3 eggs with bacon, I watched Spartacus S01E01 with the family. They loved it. I guess we’ll be back for more blood galore and fighthing next week. I don’t know what my Mom will think about the full frontal male nudity in episode 2… scratch that, I DON’T want to know what she will think about it, really.

After that I went to the gym. People, I almost had an orgasm. There was only 2 other human beings at the gym, so I had the place to myself. No waiting for the freaking squat station to be available. No longer watching for dumbbells to be available. It was the all gym, for me. I did everything that was on schedule. I pushed myself. Bench press almost made me cry, but I did it. I squatted. I deadlifted. I even stretched. It was awesome.

I showered at home and then proceeded to the manly flexing ceremony. Don’t make go into details here, but there is a manly flexing ceremony including a mirror, a pump and… well, that’s about all you need. After that, I was in the mood to take progress pics, which I did. Tomorrow I’ll post them, I promise.

After that, I ate 3 scrambled eggs with EVOO. 3 hours later, I ate a drumstick and thight from some murdered chicken with celery salad and a stir-fry (with butter) of mushrooms, cooked pinenuts and broccoli.

And I’m finishing things with a cold beer. Well, I know, but I say the hell with it. Tomorrow I’ll post the new pics!

In more interesting news (and spreading some link love), Tommy Damani has posted a new tips&tricks video on youtube, for all you combaters out there. And the post that made my night, Roni has some big news!!!! Be prepared to have your eyes watered!!

See ya tomorrow, guys!



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