Progress Pics and First Weigh-In

Publicado: 10/08/2010 en progress pics

Yeah, I bought a scale! A weird one, actually. It didn’t came with any instructions so problems where just asking to come up. Back in my days, you know, when I was young, scales worked with springs. But this fancy little black scale is like all dark glass and a digital display.

I put the batteries in, hop on it and… nothing. I tried 4 times, and in the last one it worked. So the scale is just like me; it works only when it feels like it, and the rest of the time it just pretends it’s working… Anyway, I found the trick to it. You need to lift it up, put it back down, wait for the 0.0 kg to flash in the display, and then weigh yourself.

Flashback to last Saturday. I woke up and did everything you’re suppose to do before weigh yourself (pee, strip down completely, yeah, I know, TMI, TMI) and, well, weigh myself. I was shocked by the number, and not in a very good way.

My height is 1,71 meters and I weigh 63.6 kilos. That’s 5.6 feet and 140 pounds, or 10 stones. I felt like a skeleton. Like the male latin version of f*ckin’ Twiggy. WTF? Way way too skinny.

So after that, I had been using extra bacon and extra EVOO and extra butter on my veggies. Instead of 1 piece of fruit, I’m eating 3 or 4 servings. I mean, since I went Primal, from where else can add more calories? I already eat enough protein so… there.

On Sunday I lifted weights and came back ready to take some progress pics. This time, aiming to buff up. Here they are:

(Disclaimer: do keep in mind I was coming back from lifting weights. So, there is a little bit of a pump there that’s not present right now).

After I took those pics, I took 2 more. A new kind of pics, and I’m actually embarrased to post them. But I took them for a reason. I took them to have some reference pics about my muscles. So I’m just gonna post them. Not gonna think about if I look ridiculous or not. Here they are, my first ever flexing pics:

There you have it. I’m feeling really vulnerable about the last 2 pics *darn it, low self-steem*If you have anything to say about those, please do click the comment button… OK, sign off *goes to corner and bite his nails*

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Reinaldo, Reinaldo. Reinaldo said: Finally!NEW BLOG POST: First weigh-in,your usual shirtless progress pics and a new thing…flexing pics (OMG) #fitblog […]

  2. yumyucky dice:

    you sure you have to lift it up? I once used a fancy scale like that, you had to tap it with your foot to wake it up, then the display would come on…. So aywhoo. Dude, you’re doing it. You’re back is coming along nicely. I love man-back. Sexxx-say!!!

  3. Andrew(AJH) dice:

    Great progress Rein – well done. And greetings from Australia!

  4. Wes dice:

    I don’t even own a scale. LOL. I use the one in the fitness center at my apartment complex. But man, I look at these pics and the ones of when you started and what a difference. Keep up the great work man!

  5. darnfitness dice:

    @yumyucky thnks for the sexy grade! I feel like I got an A+++. And no, the freaking scale doesn’t wake up by tapping it. There is a little click when you put it back on the floor, and after the 0.0 kg cames up. Go figure.

    @AJH Thanks! Australia is my favorite country by far =)

    @Wes I had a scale available at gym, which I used in the same manner (pee, no clothing, TMI again) but I did it after a Body Combat class. So I was dehydrated, yet drinked lots of water while exercising… Some days I could have sweated more, other days drank more water… innacurate.
    And yeah, I look at the pics from when I started this blog and yeah, WOW. Not even 6 months. Low-carb is the way, uh? I bet you’ll say the same.


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