Vibram’s Five Fingers

Publicado: 12/08/2010 en whatever

I want those. I must have those. Like, right now.

Just look at that pic. These shoes are so stinkin’ cool! You probably know everything about them, but just in case you don’t… I’ll talk about them a little bit.

Since I’m on this weird Primal Blueprint challenge, I had been reading a lot about going back to our roots. And there is a huge community of people who encourage the practice of barefoot running. Just like our ancestors did, they walked and ran completely barefoot. They claim that shoes are not only unnatural, but responsable for a lot of injuries. Going barefoot, they say, activate the muscles in your feet in a whole different way. That if you feel pain, stop and just walk. Train your bare feet. Though them up. Once they are trained, no pain or discomfort are felt, and your amazing feet will work the best way possible: the way they are suppose to, the way they are designed to.

Makes sense, in a way. But! Caveman Grok didn’t had to worry about stepping in shattered glass… enter Vibram’s Five Fingers. This shoes replicate barefoot running as close as possible, while giving your soles protection. They are, also, cute as a button.

The problem is… they don’t have stock! I love the way those gray cameo look. All they have right now is some boring gray and black ones in my size. Well, I guess the colour shouldn’t matters that much… *thinks for a while*

Would you excuse for just one minute? BRB

*clicks* *clicks*

Where the hell is my wallet? *random sounds*

*clicks* *clicks*

*keyboard sounds*


OK, I’m back! You know, when I started to write this post, I was adamant on waiting for the gray cameo’s to be available. But just writing about them… made me buy the grey ones! This is what I’ll be getting:

And that makes it. No more shopping for August. Between this and the Primal Blueprint books (the original and the cookbook) I just must not expend more money on fitness. So no new skin tight shirts this month. Good Lord, some of my underware has little holes in it and I’m expending this much on this… all my socks are all in good condition though. Oops! I made you make the TMI face!

So, I bought a pair of Vibram’s Five Fingers. I guess this makes me an official fitness blogger…

  1. ajh dice:

    I’ve just read PB too and it has changed my eating habits somewhat, although I’m certainly not 100% primal. I wouldn’t mind V5F too, but just can’t justify the expense at the moment.

  2. Roni dice:

    LOVING the new site! Sorry if it’s been awhile.. new to me!

    and I want these too!

    • darnfitness dice:

      @ajh LOL I can’t justify the expense also! It was an impulse, because of the post. I’m not rich (by any means), but it was like “I might, I could, I if a settle for that colour…” right in the middle of posting.

      @Roni You should get them now (with your last paycheck LOL). Your posture is going to change in a little while, and barefoot sounds the best way to walk with that lovin’ extra weight inside you!


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