Lazy Kid won

Publicado: 13/08/2010 en cardio, Paleo/Primal, weights, whatever

You know how people say they have a “Fat Kid” in them? After an eating binge, they say “I really let the Fat Kid loose”. In my case, I have a Lazy Kid. It makes me miss my workouts. And today, I let the Lazy Kid loose.

Craaaap! I even get into my workout clothes. And then, I didn’t go. I stayed home.I eff’d it.

OK, let’s just breathe for a minute. Let’s plan, well, plan B. My original plan was: today, weights; Friday, cardio (body combat); and weights again somewhere in the weekend.

Plan B: tomorrow, weights; Saturday, cardio (10K training), Sunday, weights (maybe, maybe not).

See? No harm done. No binge eating because “I might as well…”. Just a quick thinking, a re-schedule, and really no harm done. Let’s call it a “spontaneous strategy to avoid overtraining”.

Oh! As for eating. Loving the Primal Blueprint eating lifestyle so far. I made my meals for tomorrow. Wanna hear about it?

Breakfast: Bacon & ground beef frittata (3 freakin’ eggs!).

Lunch: Beef with cauliflower rice and an avocado. You know when you cook meat and you have lots of juice from it in the pan? Adding that to the cauli rice is like, what’s the word, heaven.

Snack: Half a roasted chicken breast, stuffed with swiss chard.

And fruits here and there.

Just a bump in the road. No biggie.

  1. Andrew Scott dice:

    Hi Reinaldo, that’s the way to do it; bounce back as quick as you can from li’l set backs and stuff ups, and then keep pushing on!! Great stuff!

    Can you email me some of that bacon & ground beef frittata, sounds good!

    Take care,

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  3. David dice:

    Your food sounds great. I gotta learn to cook more. Still flying high on my scrambled eggs achievement. Baby steps 🙂


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