Loving the gym, the iron, and the pump

Publicado: 14/08/2010 en weights

Almost two months ago, I found myself “skinny”, wearing the jeans’ size I wanted (the smallest ones), and feeling over all healthy from all the running I was doing. At the time, I was only running and doing Body Combat, so it was all cardio for me.

As I started to like my body again, I was faced to the idea of returning to weight lifting. And I just felt lazy. Why would I put myself into weight lifting again? Is a muscular body worth it? If I liked my body more and more everyday with just cardio, why bother? Yet still, I had this “memory”. I couldn’t remember it exactly, but I knew there was “something” other than muscles in weight lifting. But what was it? Here are my thoughts at that time.

Anyway, I got back to weight lifting and remembered. But I’m not that good at words, so how can I express something I feel? Quote someone else, of course! This are quotes from Stuart McRobert, from his great book “Beyond Brawn”:

– “No matter how you look at it, if you want to get much bigger and stronger
you have got to pay your dues. This means knuckling down to hard work
in the gym, and, when out of the gym, being conscientious and disciplined
enough to ensure good daily nutrition and adequate rest and sleep. The buck
stops with you. You either deliver, or you do not.”

– “While your training and related activities should not obsess you to the
detriment of your health, family and career, you have to be addicted to the
iron, sights and sounds of the gym, the challenge of “one more rep,” and the
accumulation of small bits of iron on the bar. You need to almost worship
the soreness you suffer on the days after a hard workout. You must find
training to be heaven on earth and, when in the gym, live to train.”

– “You will have serious setbacks. Family, education, personal and career concerns will get in
the way. Trough all of this you must maintain your zest for training.”

– “You cannot buy or hire the desire and discipline that drives you to do all
this. Others can encourage you, motivate you, and perhaps even bully you
along for a short while. But if you cannot stand alone and deliver goods by
yourself, you are never going to realize your potential for muscle and might.
The desire has got to be so intense that your body and soul are steeped in it
for the long haul.”

– “It is you who has to struggle in the gym. It is you who has to drive yourself
to do more, and more again, and yet more again and again. It is you who has
to deliver the sustained good diet .
It is you who has to ensure you rest and sleep enough. To do all of this you
need exemplary grit and character.”

– “Deliver this grit and character and become the best that you can. Do not
compare yourself with others. It is bettering yourself that matters, not
stacking yourself up against others. Focus on bettering yourself—again, and
again, and again.”

Now those are empowering quotes, indeed.

By the way, I had an amazing workout today! Plan B worked!

  1. Boris dice:

    Good post! Appreciate your honesty with the writing and your meaning comes across through the words of McRobert – how true the balance between hard graft in the gym and the ‘battle of the balanced diet’ out of it!

    Check out my post: http://everymanolympian.blogspot.com/2010/08/pumpin.html

    The Weightlifting Challenge for The Everyman Olympics: Pumpin’

    I’m a first time weightlifter so nowhere near as developed mind…

  2. Suzanne dice:

    I love the quotes in your post. I believe all of them. I love weight lifting and try also to encourage others to enjoy themselves on their quest for a hard body. We shouldn’t be in the gym if we don’t enjoy it!

    You look great – keep it up and check me out on http://www.workoutnirvana.com.


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